RFP for EMS?  Funding for JCWSA?

The next BOC meeting is May 21, 2013.  The regular meeting, now called a work session, will start at 6:30PM. 

In the last meeting it was discussed what would be on the 5/21/13 agenda.  These items included meeting with the Clerk of Court & Magistrate Judge to discuss possible double dipping, JCWSA funding, going out for an RFP for EMS, and accepting bids for the Bat Wing mower.

The new agenda is completely different.

Clerk, Dan Jordan, and Magistrate, Ken Jackson, are not available according to the interim County Manager, so they are not on the agenda.  The RFP for EMS will be on June 3rd.  There will be a joint meeting—but only called a work session—with the JCWSA to discuss their funding.  And then there will be more budget talks.

Privatizing EMS and closing the Landfill and other concerns for the citizens came up in the last budget meeting (5/13). 

TWG suggests you do not miss this meeting as the agenda can change and “budget discussions” mean anything can be discussed. 

If you are concerned about the direction our BOC is going on these or any other issue, make plans to attend at 6:30PM this Tuesday, May 21st.

Video:  Magistrate & Clerk share employee that may be double dipping.  This needs to be clarified and Dan and Ken have been asked to come to work session on 5/21/13.

Video:  JCWSA funding

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  1. Hope says:

    How do you make someone a Fire Chief who has never worked as a paid firefighter, lacks the experience and maturity.

  2. Wearecommingforyou says:

    A county with as few people as Jasper does not need full time firefighters, It can be well protected by what it has now. What the fire dept needs is new leadership other than the dead beat thats there now. He does like the new director because he makes him work, The chief has too much pride to be told what to do.The EMS director needs time to fix the problems from over a DECADE of poor leadership both in EMS and in fire.

    With Ed gone we now need to chop the other good ole boy head off that is still there. The chief thats there now wants the dept to look bad and have low numbers and poor response times so it will pressure the BOC to hire full time firefighters.

    Jasper county fire dept does not need a paid fire chief, It needs for him to be out of the way so it can progress. The volunteers can manage their own stations and elect their own chief.

  3. L.Short says:

    It’s been well established that there exist no recorded minutes, audio, or any evidence other than a Resolution by the Jasper County Board of Commissioners for Fire Hydrant Costs.

    Oddly enough, it was in the hands of JCWSA board member that a copy of the infamous resolution first appeared….go figure.

    And, not only does there exist no recorded minutes (or any other forms of required record) of a BOC vote on a resolution dated 7/1/02 , there are also no records of a published agenda as required by state law, nor any audio recording as is the norm of all BOC meetings, past and present.

    Are we the taxpayers to believe that purportedly, an official BOC document, indebting the taxpayers of Jasper County to 40 years of funding a half-baked whim of a water authority, arose mysteriously out of an ethereal mist, without any public debate, no negotiations engaged by a supposedly business savvy BOC, nor any meetings held to discuss the costs to the taxpayer and no mention of a public meeting or advertisements for any meetings concerning the expenditure public funds placed in the local newspaper, which BTW,are required by law?

    Also , there is the fact that the JCWSA board is required by state law to record minutes of their meetings as well , yet there exist no record in that corporate organization’s minutes of any meeting with Jasper County commissioners, concerning any request by the BOC for installation of fire hydrants or the county assuming the costs thereof.

    Not one mention….

    Also, there was a referendum in 1998, concerning the creation of a county administered water system, which was overwhelming defeated by Jasper county voters, but yet the system gamers still attempt to saddle the taxpayers with the burden of funding a water system not of our choosing.

    It certainly stands to reason that if the taxpayers didn’t want to fund the debt associated with a water authority of their own creation, then any person of average intelligence should be able to deduce that taxpayers would not want to fund the debt of a state created water authority either.

    Apparently, there are those in county government who think the taxpayers are too stupid to vote their desires and independently move to act against the will of the voting public

    The entire issue rest on the validity of a Resolution by the Jasper County Board of Commissioners for Fire Hydrant Costs.

    The question of the purpose of recording public meetings should be considered very carefully. If not for posterity, what then?

    So according to the twisted logic of the JCWSA board members, any document that appears in the hands of anyone demanding money from the taxpayers, should now be considered valid if bearing the signature of a former elected official, regardless the lack of any records of the meeting which allegedly produced the suspect document?

    The question of the purpose of recording public meetings should be considered very carefully. If not for posterity, what then?

    If there are no records of a public meeting or a vote (anywhere) on a fire hydrant fee/tax prior to July1, 2002, it is therefore perfectly reasonable to accept the possibility that neither the meeting nor the vote ever happened.

    The validity of this entire BOC and JCWSA fire hydrant resolution issue absolutely reeks of deceit, corruption and cronyism.

    The only way this duplicitously contrived issue can ever be resolved is to put the funding of JCWSA fire hydrants to a public vote or else provide the taxpayers with the recorded minutes of the discussion and votes on fire hydrants costs and resolution associated with the purported 7/01/02 BOC vote.

    In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath for the current administration to do the right thing.

  4. Shell says:

    Privatizing EMS again??? Why???

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