What happens when a bidder is given approval before the bid is approved?

May 29, 2013

The county bid process in purchasing a batwing mower has left much to be desired.  There have been at least 3 meetings with this item on the agenda.  Tuesday night there was more discussion and more problems.

Sharon Robinson, Interim County Manager, recommended that the BOC approve the bid from Hays Tractor for both a tractor & batwing mower for $45,845.  This would be paid from 2012 SPLOST money.

Comm. Luke questioned the width of mower which had been discussed in two former meetings as being 15 foot from Hays and only 10 foot from Town & County. It was finally determined that both batwing mowers were 10′ wide.

There was much discussion about what the bid said and if it was correct. Hays Tractor reps said they had to call and question the County Manager, as did Town & Country, to understand what was supposed to be bid and the specs.

Comm. Salmon made a motion to accept the bid from Hays Tractor for both the tractor and batwing mower while saying the bid package was not good and NEXT TIME they must do better.  After waiting at least one minute there was no 2nd on his motion.

Comm. Trammell then made a motion—watch the video to see what happened:

At the 2:05 mark you will hear the Hays rep state that the batwing mower was already in and on their lot because they had already been given a verbal approval for their bid from the County Manager.

Observe Comm. Trammell’s shocked look when he heard this.  Comm. Pennamon immediately changed the subject.

The motion to buy the tractor from Hays and the batwing mower from Town & Country (a local dealer) was passed 3-2 with Salmon and Pennamon against.

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One Response to What happens when a bidder is given approval before the bid is approved?

  1. Living the Dream! says:

    When a county mgr who is knows they are leaving the county, is allowed to stay and work, he/she can do what ever they want and know their will be no consequences to them, right or wrong!

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