BOC Agenda for 6.3.13 shows “bidding out EMS Services”

The Next BOC Meeting—June 3, 2013 at 6:00PM

 The agenda for the next BOC meeting shows some interesting itemssee entire agenda here.

  • EMS – Proposed bidding out of Services (this means privatizing EMS services)
  • Open Records Request Procedures (this will be interesting as the State has set out procedures in Georgia Law)
  • Budget Consensus to Advertise and set dates for Public Hearings (the public has not been able to comment during the entire budget process and the Monticello News has never reported what is being discussed with the budget.  Entities such as JCWSA and the Chamber get 30 minutes – 60 minutes to ask for money the county is not obligated to pay, yet the taxpayer footing the bill is left out of any discussion. Having public hearings or input after the budget is set is meaningless.)

At the May 21st meeting several items were discussed that the BOC said would be on the 6/3/13 agenda, but they are absent from the agenda:

  • Setting the curbside rate for tax bills,
  • Setting the JCWSA rate for the fire tax district for tax bills,
  • Increasing the EMS billing rates
  • Setting the hospital tax for tax bills

Maybe all these items will be discussed during the “Budget Summary”?  Conspicuously missing is the discussion with the Clerk of Court and the Magistrate Judge about double dipping that was delayed at an earlier meeting.

Comm. Salmon said at the last meeting, twice (jokingly, of course), that they could just interview the applicants for the County Manager position in Gainesville (where they will be attending more training classes).  This BOC very well may have discussed the candidates somewhere else because at 3:00PM on 6/3/13 they agreed to meet and interview county manager candidates.  However, at the 6:00PM meeting, the agenda shows they will have their top 3 (out of 20 applicants) decided upon!  Wow!  These guys are really good!

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