911 Director Gets Special Treatment

911 Director, Melissa Slocumb, is a county employee. She is paid $39,998 a year and she is required to take 12 furlough days each year just like all county employees. Ms. Slocumb is also part of the 911 Authority board which oversees 911. Her mentor, Ed Westbrook, who once was the 911 director, sits on that board. He now works for GEMA. (GEMA is over 911 in the State hierarchy.)

At a recent 911 Authority meeting—a special called meeting on May 24, 2013—Melissa Slocumb told the board she had been having to work on the console and had been working “excessive hours” and just has not been able to take 6 of her furlough days.

911 Director's ReportEd Westbrook immediately remedied Melissa’s complaint by discussing it and then getting the 911 Authority board to allow Ms. Slocumb to get paid $11 per hour for any time she fills in on the console (taking calls) in addition to her $39,998 county salary.

In addition, 911 will “reimburse” the county for 6 furlough days, which amounts to a 2% pay raise for Ms. Slocumb. Remember, the county gives 911 over half of its budget, so this appears to be a shell game with county money for a county employee that is not going to follow the rules set by the BOC. (Note: None of the 911 employees have had a raise in at least 5 years, but 911 seems to have money to pay a 2% raise plus $11 per hour for the director.)

If an employee has time to take off to babysit for a Sheriff’s department employee or time to ride with the coroner during the day, one might wonder how there isn’t enough time to take a furlough day.

911 Min ExS

The question has been asked before and needs to be answered; can a salaried employee also draw an hourly check?

TWG has learned that if Melissa Slocumb does work extra time filling in at night (and getting paid her $11 per hour), she has called in the next day and takes “comp time”. Is it questionable if it is legal to get comp time when an employee is being paid a salary and by the hour.

Comm. Trammell said at a recent meeting, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” This is true, but if the BOC does know, what will they do with a situation like this? Will they play fair with all employees or continue to allow special treatment –extra hourly pay plus a salary, comp time, and no furlough days—for particular employees?

You can read the entire 911 meeting minutes here:911 Minutes 5.24.13

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3 Responses to 911 Director Gets Special Treatment

  1. Robb Leggett says:

    I am not completely sure what the problem is. However at 1st glance it appears to me that Miss Slocumb is being given a hard time for working hard. I understand that furlough days are required but the job she is doing needs to be done. Perhaps her willingness to put in a few extra hours is keeping the county from having to hire other people. Her hard work could in fact be saving the county money. We should not persecute hard working employees. Good help is hard to find!!!

    • Just Askin' says:

      It sure is and if Miss (Mrs.) Slocumb was actually working really hard it would be different. Riding around with the coroner and taking time off to babysit doesn’t sound like hard work to me. We all know she hangs out at Station 3 about as much as she stays at 911. I would like to work as hard as she does for her salary and then get paid on top of it when I actually did work. Does any other employee gets to do that?

  2. phil says:

    This is outrageous. I personally am going to call the commissioners and find out why my family is taking a pay cut with furloughs, do I have the wrong last name? This county has to stop the double standards that are going on. How do you expect families to grow and thrive here.

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