Comm. Henry Makes Surprise Move to Lower the Millage Rate

The purpose of the BOC meeting tonight was to approve the budget and the millage rate that had been agreed upon earlier by the BOC and advertised in the paper for the past 2 weeks.

In a surprise move when adopting the tax levy for FY14, Comm. Henry said he didn’t think there should be a tax/millage rate increase at all and proposed to go back to the same rate as last year—15.446 mils instead of 15.64 mils.  Comm. Henry said, “We need to stay where we are instead of raising anyone’s taxes.”  Comm. Salmon seconded for discussion.  This change would cut the budget by $57,500.

Comm. Pennamon then brought up that they could use this money to cut furlough days for the employees, and he did not want to cut the budget.  Comm. Trammell also made some comments about furlough days and employees. However, neither of these two commissioners discussed using money for furlough days in the previous meetings when the budget was decided on.

The lower millage rate did pass with a vote of 3-1 with Pennamon dissenting.  (Comm. Luke was out of town and did not attend the meeting.)  The hospital tax was also lowered by .01 mil to go back to same amount as in FY12 or .85 mils.  The School millage will be 18.99 mils, also the same as FY2012.  (This means your tax bill will be the same as last year unless your value has gone up or down.)

The BOC adopted the FY12 curbside fee of $167 per can per year for FY13.  The JCWSA Fire Hydrant Tax District was also kept the same-$28.64 per parcel (along the JCWSA water lines) per year).  Both these tax rates passed 4-0 with both Comm. Trammell and Comm. Salmon voting to approve the JCWSA tax.

With the lower millage rate, the budget was reduced by $57,500 for a total budget of $8,232,100.  This new budget was approved by the entire BOC.

Kudos to Comm. Henry for considering the taxpayers and lowering the millage rate!

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