BOC Meeting to Discuss EMS Committee July 1st

June 29, 2013

The BOC will hold its “regular meeting” on July 1, 2013 at 5:00PM.  On the agenda under County Manager items is “EMS Committee.”  Who will be accepted to serve on this committee should be discussed.  Remember, the areas of North Alcovy, Piedmont, Farrar, Eudora and Bethel communities, and Clay Rd/Glades area are NOT represented on this EMS committee.  We are anxious to see how many citizens will end up on the committee versus elected or appointed officials (such as County Manager, City Manager, Sheriff’s employee, etc.)

Please read the comments on the blogs from time to time.  This one in particular concerning EMS says alot (underlining is TWG’s):

June 22, 2013 at 2:15 am (Edit)
Neither the BOC or interim county manager give any kind of **** about your providers. Does anyone REALLY remember 9/11? Everyone want to do their part and salute the ” heros”.. especially when its politically expedient. The interim county manager was opposed to EMS being on the square to do blood pressure checks and blood sugar checks, until members of her church praised those actions, then, she was all about supporting them. This county stands to lose a lot if Mr. Jackson is removed from his position. Very few, unless they work for the EMS or fire, will recognize an immediate difference. Does anyone remember when those who served us were doing just that? Serving us. They weren’t a line item on a budget or a cost. THEY were our heros. They are always there when we need them. This county, once gain, has a choice to make. It’s not easy, or cheap. But,WE do get what we pay for.


Motorgraders for Public Works will also be discussed Monday night.  You can see the entire agenda by clicking here.

At the beginning of the year, the BOC decided on their meeting schedule.  It is posted on the county website.  It says all regular meetings will start at 6:00PM and work sessions will start at 5:00PM.

BOC meeting calendarIt is impossible to know when—date and time–the BOC will be having a meeting unless you go by the courthouse almost daily to see if anything is posted (even then you may not know).  This agenda was posted online late Friday afternoon.  You may realize by looking at this meeting schedule that you would have missed 9 or more other meetings that occurred in April and May for budget hearings and other called meetings.

TWG urges you to call your commissioner and make sure your area is represented in this EMS privatization push and take time to attend the meeting.

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