EMS Committee to meet 7/17/13 at 2:00PM

It was announced tonight by Karen Degges, County Manager, in the BOC meeting that the EMS Committee is going to meet this Wednesday, July 17, at 2:00PM in the BOC meeting room.

This meeting was not posted today, so there will barely be a 24 hour notice about the meeting.   The meeting will not be listed in the Monticello News either because by just announcing it tonight, it is not possible for a notice to be published in the calendar so the public will know about it.

It seems that is what the BOC wants–keep as much out of the public eye as possible. How many members knew anything about this committee meeting before it was announced tonight at the BOC meeting?

The talk around the county is the EMS personnel were told NOT to discuss privatization by the interim county manager last month.   TWG wonders if there is a threat of termination if the EMTs and Paramedics do try to tell citizens of some of the possible consequences if the service is privatized.

County Manager Karen Degges will be in charge of the committee (facilitate the meetings).  She says that by being new, she will be fair and impartial.  She still works for and is directed by the Board of Commissioners, so the meetings will go as they direct unless the committee members are allowed to actually discuss all aspects of the privatization proposal.

The public is allowed to attend all these committee meetings.  If the BOC wants to be fair and open about this process, they need to hold meetings when as many people as possible can attend.  Not at 2:00PM when people are at work and not without any prior notification.

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