EMS Committee Discussions & Next Meeting

July 20, 2013

Last Wednesday, July 17 at 2:00PM the following members participated in the “EMS Advisory Committee” meeting:

  1. Hospital—Jan Gaston, Hospital Administrator
  2. Turtle Cove—Skip Davis, Turtle Cove Board
  3. Shady Dale—Larry Champion
  4. Monticello—Larry Thurman, Councilman/Bobby Jacobs, Mayor ProTem

No other members participated, and may not have been informed about the meeting.  This meeting was not posted on the county website and could not have been posted on the courthouse door more than 30 hours before the meeting, barely meeting the required 24 hours for an “emergency meeting”. 

The School Board has declined to send a representative and is going to stay out of this situation.  The Health Dept, Sheriff Dept, EMS, and Hillsboro representatives either weren’t informed in time or could not attend due to work schedules.

Here is the agenda for the meeting (click to enlarge)


There was discussion to have the meeting at a later time with Bobby Jacobs stating it should not start before 4:30PM.  TWG agrees that this time would be more considerate of people that work outside the government and of citizens that would like to attend.  Jan Gaston said she thought the meetings should be held somewhere other than the BOC meeting room.  No decisions were made on either of these points at the meeting.

As of Friday afternoon the County Manager said no firm date had been set for the next meeting but Wednesday, July 24 at 3:00PM was the tentative date and indicated the committee would be meeting weekly.

You are urged to attend as many of these meetings as possible and continue to voice your concerns about privatizing EMS to the commissioners as well as the lack of advanced notice of these meetings.

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3 Responses to EMS Committee Discussions & Next Meeting

  1. Jo Ann Sauls says:

    My family had to use EMS a lot of times in years past. We received much better response and care when we had EMS in Jasper Co. We often had to wait hours for an ambulance to come from out of town when service was privatized. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

  2. Bobby Jacobs says:

    EMS has far reaching effects on every Citizen. This is your time to speak up. Please do. Lets try and solve this issue together. If I can help anyone or answer a question please contact me no matter how big or small it may seem.

    Thanks Bobby

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