Landfill Worksession–Why has the date been changed?

At the BOC meeting on 7/15/13 it was agreed that there would be a worksession on the landfill on Thursday, July 25 at 5:00PM with the commissioners, landfill operator, and the landfill engineer.

According to the agenda just posted on the county website, the landfill worksession has been moved to Wednesday July 24, immediately following the EMS Committee meeting.  There will also be another Executive Session following the work session.

This will be another meeting that the public will not be aware of because it will not be in the paper (meeting will be held before paper comes out) and will only be posted 2 days in advance of the meeting.  The BOC continues to have last minute meetings, effectively keeping the public out and in the dark.

The last few Executive Session’s have lasted in excess of an hour with ‘personnel’ being the supposed topic of discussion.  Closing of the landfill can not legally be discussed in Executive Session, but that does not mean it will not.  The BOC made several comments during the budget hearings indicating they plan to close the landfill.

If you are concerned about where trash, old mattresses, and the like will be disposed of if the landfill is closed, please attend the meeting and/or contact your commissioner.

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One Response to Landfill Worksession–Why has the date been changed?

  1. JOHN B MCCURDY says:

    Thanks for the update. Does the BOC think they are being smart to TRY and keep taxpayers in the dark about actions that affect the taxpayers? Public comments are another “natural resource”  –  and it’s free!


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