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Landfill Equipment Purchase Incurs More County Debt

September 30, 2013 The BOC met on 9/23/13 at 5:00PM to discuss the purchase of a piece of equipment for the landfill.  The County Manager, Karen Degges, showed the BOC a photo of a piece of equipment—a used 2005 816F—that … Continue reading

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Property Taxes due October 1st

The first installment of your property taxes is due Tuesday, October 1, 2013.    To avoid penalties and interest, don’t forget to pay on time. The second installment will be due 12/20/2013.  

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September 25, 2013  Before the 9/23/13 BOC meeting, and before almost every BOC meeting for the past 3 months, Comm. Carl Pennamon, Comm. Gene Trammell, Jim Alexander (the county lawyer), and Karen Degges (county manager) meet behind a closed door … Continue reading

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BOC Calls Special Meeting 9/23/13 at 5:00PM

September 21, 2013 The agenda for a special called meeting has been posted.  The agenda consists of Landfill Equipment Purchase Where is the BOC coming up with all this money they are spending?

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New EMS Director Hired—James Gregory, EMT from Putnam County

September 20, 2013 James Gregory, former EMS Director in Putnam County, started work in Jasper County this Monday, September 16th.   Sources in Putnam County tell TWG that Mr. Gregory was given the option to resign or retire in Putnam County. … Continue reading

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Another road graveled with no inhabitants

Is this the new work plan for Public Works?  Is the goal to find a dirt road and put gravel on it even though no one lives on the road while ignoring the roads that actually have inhabitants? (You can … Continue reading

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September 10, 2013 The EMS Committee has given the BOC its report as discussed in the 9/9/11 BOC meeting.  Video will be available at this website in the next day or two: Here is a copy of the report: … Continue reading

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