Another road graveled with no inhabitants

Is this the new work plan for Public Works?  Is the goal to find a dirt road and put gravel on it even though no one lives on the road while ignoring the roads that actually have inhabitants?

(You can click on all the following pictures to enlarge them.)

About a week ago, Public Works had to drive to Cook Rd., completely ignoring the fact you couldn’t read the sign,Cook Rd sign 9.14.13

completely ignoring the fact that there were no ditches and they were all overgrown,

Cook Rd sides 091413

and completely ignoring  the fact the road sides had not been cut in quite some time.

Cook Rd at Bethel Church 091413
Then drive 2 miles down Cook Rd. observing the same thing all the way, including rough spots, pot holes, etc. and numerous houses, until they came to Faulkner Rd.

Faulkner Rd sign

When they got to Faulkner Rd., they started laying down gravel.

Faulkner Rd no ditches 091413

and more gravel, but ignored the ditches, the bushes on the side of the road, and the speed limit sign that could hardly be read because of the bushes.

Faulkner Rd gravel .3mi 091413Gravel was laid down for  3/10 of a mile.

Then most of the rest of the road looked as it usually did–narrow and overgrown and not taken care of by the Public Works Dept.

Faulkner Rd rest 091413

All of a sudden about 1 mile up the road, there had been some road work.  It wasn’t smoothed out or graveled, but it had been worked on for some reason.Faulkner Rd work 1mi in 091413

After 2/10 of a mile of grading, the rest of the road continued as this picture shows and ended at Hwy 16W.Faulkner Rd rest 091413

Faulkner Rd. is 2.4 miles long, with no houses on it.  Why was gravel used on this road when the county manager has told the BOC on two occasions that they really needed another $100,000 in gravel (that was not included in the budget).  Who makes these decisions and why are they continuing to be made?

Contact your commissioner and ask him why are we wasting gravel on roads like this and is there enough gravel for the roads that people actually live on?

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5 Responses to Another road graveled with no inhabitants

  1. Anne White says:

    Thank you watchdog group for keeping us informed. Re the above, I live on the long neglected road “Gaissert”. It is in “that section” of the County. So very many of the residents live in manufactured homes, but they pay taxes the same as the large estate owners. The person above is so right. Let it rain and they run out an dump 1/2 load of crush run…never grading the road ot noticing the adjunct circumstances, i.e. holes, washoff and other dangerous situations. The road, Marben Farm, which runs through the State Wildlife Park is fine for a couple or so miles, but DON’T go any further…and then on 3 miles or so, they once ‘paved it’? and I could hide the frontend of my Toyota in a couple of the holes. Now, in the same general area, Jeffries Road has for the 8 years I’ve used it, okay, however, the last mile-plus has always had crush run down on it and had it smoothed…great traveling. However, since a certain commissioner was defeated, the end of this road has been slowly eroding. Politics can do it ever time. Doug Luke, remember the folks of Gaissert Road who elected you.

  2. PAM says:

    Our dirt road is Pala Alto, sometimes they will put 1/2 truck of gravel just down the center, no rhyme or reason. Mr. Public Works fellow, it is time for our gravel AGAIN, —- PLEASE

  3. dave says:

    satellite image reveals a large farm house on faulkner rd, north of 16. it also appears that faulkner is a more direct route to cook rd from 16. perhaps people use that road to gain access to millen rd and the nice houses down that way? roads dont have to have inhabitants to be valuable transportation routes..

    • taxdogs says:

      You are absolutely right, Dave, but the problem is roads with many inhabitants that travel the road daily are not being graveled or scraped. Roads like Cook Rd. with 2 subdivisions and other people that live along the road, Herds Creek Rd. with all sorts of problems, Rocky Creek Rd., Concord Rd., Bear Creek Point Rd., etc. All have numerous people that must travel in and out daily. Ride Faulkner Rd and see for yourself–it could be used as a cut through, but very few people use it. The county manager said that public works goes into an area and works on all the roads before moving on to another area. She said that’s why they did Faulkner Rd. If that is so, then what happened to Cook Rd.? Why wasn’t it done while they were in the area? Maintaining the well traveled and inhabited roads seems to be a better use of the limited resources the county has. BTW, the satellite doesn’t show that the “large farm house” on Faulkner Rd is not a structure that is lived in.

  4. Ran ja says:

    sounds like they don’t know what they doing in the first place so the need the pratice on roads no one lives on so no one compalins about how bad they did it!
    They will not hire someone who knows what they doing, running front tire in a ditch is NOT ditching it, but how they do it

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