Landfill Equipment Purchase Incurs More County Debt

September 30, 2013

The BOC met on 9/23/13 at 5:00PM to discuss the purchase of a piece of equipment for the landfill. 

The County Manager, Karen Degges, showed the BOC a photo of a piece of equipment—a used 2005 816F—that was located through Yancey Bros.  She said this machine is designed for landfill purposes as it has spikes on the drum to aid in compaction. 

 Watch video here:

The plan is to do significant compaction in Cell 1 and 2 and then move the fiber in Cell 1 & Cell 2 to comply with an EPD consent order.  The County Manager told the BOC that the county mechanics have looked at the equipment, that it had a warranty, and had about 8000 – 8500 hours on it.  The cost of the machine using 1000 hours annually would be $171,000.  Ms. Degges said this machine would cost $800,000 new.  The county will trade a Cat D7 that is not being utilized for $57,000.  The cost of the lease would be $114,500 or $1400 per month for 60 months with an interest rate of 3.2%.  (After being questioned from the audience how $1400 x 60 could come up to $114,500, it was revealed there is a balloon payment at the end of the 5 year lease of $40,000+.  We requested the paperwork a week ago, but the county staff has delayed giving us the documentation.)

Watch discussion of the financing here:

There was never discussion about where the money for this equipment would come from. 

Comm. Henry asked about the warranty, so a telephone call was made to the Yancey rep.  The rep said the equipment had NO warranty and NO maintenance agreement and it had 8600 hours.  After waiting over half an hour for the rep to get back about the cost of a maintenance agreement, the final cost will be $1400 per month for the machine plus $10,000 or $200 per month for a ONE year powertrain warranty or $1600+ a month for 5 years.  

Comm. Trammell made the motion with Comm. Henry seconding not to spend more than $1700 per month and obtain the equipment.  The vote was 5-0 with all commissioners approving the purchase and more debt.

Video of the motion and vote:

During most of the hour and 15 minutes the meeting lasted the BOC discussed a wide variety of county business—none of which was on the agenda and part of the discussion was while the BOC was adjourned. This is totally against open meetings law, but the county attorney had to be advised of this by a citizen.  Even though he told the BOC it wasn’t right, they just reconvened and talked about anything they pleased and both the Chairman and county attorney set back and allowed it.  The agenda had one item only—Landfill equipment purchase and that is all that was supposed to be discussed.

Videos are in two parts.  You may be interested in just what all the BOC did talk about—including work orders for public works, the county website, a Facebook page, the TWG blog, gravel on roads, rotating public works crews, taking on debt (forward funding bonds) to pave roads, etc. 

Listen to what all this BOC has been planning. 
Part I 

Part II 

I believe that a guarantee of public access to government  information is indispensable in the long run for any democratic society…. if officials make public only what they want citizens to know, then publicity becomes a sham and accountability meaningless.”  – Sissela Bok, Swedish philosopher, 1982

Being that there was no report in the Monticello News concerning this meeting or this purchase, please forward this blog on to others so they may be informed.


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One Response to Landfill Equipment Purchase Incurs More County Debt

  1. Just Askin' says:

    More money and more debt for what? These commissioners keep talking about closing the landfill. What a waste of money!

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