Zoning Hearing on 300′ Cell Towers Thursday at 6:00PM

Zoning Hearing on 300′ Cell Towers Thursday at 6:00PM

This Thursday, October 24, there will be public hearings concerning eight (8) 300′ cell towers  at the Planning & Zoning Board meeting.  P&Z hearings are usually held at 7:00PM; however, these hearings start at 6:00PM.  The meeting will be held in the Commissioners meeting room in the Courthouse.

For the locations of these towers go to this link:

AT&T Hopes to Locate Several 300’ Telecommunications Towers in Jasper County

300 foot towers are the equivalent of a 30 story building.    Based on information found on the internet, terrestrial microwave towers, or cell phone towers, are responsible for relaying telecommunication. These structures must be elevated so that the signals they transmit are not obstructed. Regulations regarding their height depend on the features of the tower’s surroundings.

At the hearing we should learn if these towers are “cell phone towers”, why they should be approved for 300′ in height, if they will be self supporting or have guyed wires, and if Jasper County citizen’s cell service will actually get better with more towers.  It would also be interesting to know what the average height of a cell tower is.

Plan to attend the hearing if you have an interest in these towers and/or where they will be located.

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One Response to Zoning Hearing on 300′ Cell Towers Thursday at 6:00PM

  1. ELM says:

    http://www.androidcentral.com/att-investigating-possible-5-billion-sale-cell-towers http://www.celltowerinfo.com/CingularAWSLeaseRenegotiation.htm

    Property owners need to be aware that their contract will be with AT&T, and if the towers are sold, they will have to re-negotiate with a different company. The overall view seems to be that AT&T is building new towers to sell to other companies…..

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