Cell Tower Information–Proposed & Existing

Jasper County Cell Tower Sites Map 2013 Proposed & ExistingThe Jasper County Planning and Zoning board approved all 8 proposed cell towers at their 10/24/13 meeting.

Click on map to enlarge.

The map to the left shows proposed towers as yellow triangles and existing towers as red circles.  The tower in Shady Dale is existing and AT&T proposes to co-located an antenna on it.

American Tower owns the existing towers in Shady Dale and off Hodges Farm Rd.  Another existing tower is located on Funderburg Dr. in the Monticello that the Development Authority recently sold to another company.  The existing tower on Jackson Lake Rd. at Hwy 212 W is supposedly owned by Verizon.  Southern Link owns the existing tower on Hwy 142 near Ross Rd.

The BOC will hold public hearings with final approval or denial at some named date. This meeting was going to take place on November 4th, but the ads in the paper were wrong and new dates and advertisements will have to take place.

Other information learned at the meeting:

  • David Dyer was hired by the County (or his firm) to be the technical expert and consultant on the cell towers.  (Please note–the BOC did not vote to have him do this on these eight towers in public meeting.  No one can find a copy of the contract that was supposedly in force with Mr. Dyer and/or his company.)  Mr. Dyer is also Executive Director of the Development Authority of Jasper County.
  • The applicant (AT&T) had to set aside $8500 per tower for the consultant fees ($68,000).  The county will pay the invoices out of the money put into escrow.
  • The towers will be for cell tower service.  They will be free standing, three-legged towers with no guyed wires.
  • All proposed towers will be 300 feet tall.
  • After approval the tower must be built within 6 months.
  • There must be environmental impact and historic preservation reports for each tower.
  • There will LED lighting with the side lights staying red all night long and not flashing.

Several people at the meeting were in favor of the towers; however, the proposed tower on Post Road had two neighboring property owners object.  One lost his Verizon Wireless service when the tower on Hwy 142 was put in; between the Hwy 142 tower and the Shady Dale tower there was so much interference his service was canceled.  The other property owner said their values would decrease and they could already see another tower from their back yard.  The county ordinance says that if the antenna can be located on an existing tower, it has to be done rather than putting in another new cell tower.

Two commissioners, Trammell and Salmon, attended the P&Z hearings as well as the county manager.

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3 Responses to Cell Tower Information–Proposed & Existing

  1. Just Askin' says:

    “The County has located a copy of the contract” This means the county did not know there was a contract. Sounds like more work behind the brown door.

  2. Karen Degges, County Manager says:

    As it turns out, David Dyer’s contract was ececuted when Mary Patrick was a Commissioner in 2009. The County has located a copy of the contract and has provided the TWD and the current BOC with a copy so that they can be as fully informed as possible with all issues that might be related to AT&T’s cell tower request, prior to the hearing. The BOC will hear this request on Monday, November 18th in the BOC regular meeting room at 6:00 p.m. All citizens that are interested in this matter, for or against, or that simply have questions, are encouraged to attend.

    • taxdogs says:

      Yes, Karen that is right, and the contract was awarded in open meeting. The current BOC decides in open meeting when the county engineer does work and what work is authorized. It is puzzling that this BOC never voted in open meeting to have Mr. Dyer do the consulting work on the proposed towers, especially since the contract was for a 3 year period and continues on a month to month basis. Did Mr. Dyer decide on his own what he would do and when? Surely he was contacted by the county and it was authorized by the BOC somehow.

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