Old Washington Park School Up for Auction

November 1, 2013

The Jasper County School Board decided at their October meeting to put up the Old Washington Park School, off MLK Jr. Dr., for auction.  There is a public notice of auction in the 10/31/13 edition of the local paper.  The notice does not say when the auction will be held.

Let’s hope and pray the Board of Commissioners is not a bidder on this property.  More than once they have expressed an interest in this building which would require millions of dollars in repairs and upgrades.

At the 10/21/13 BOC meeting, Mary Patrick used the time allotted to Citizen Comments to ask the BOC not to bid on this property or take possession of it for the sake of the property owners (those who pay the property taxes in this county) of Jasper County.   She said, “We cannot afford this money pit.  Lead paint, asbestos, and other major repairs will not be worth the time and expense.  If it was worth it, the School Board would have utilized the building, but instead they are smart enough not to spend (waste) the taxpayer’s money on this building.”

After contacting the auction company, LW Benton Co, Inc., we were told the auction will be an ONLINE auction only with bidding starting on 11/21/13 and ending at noon on 11/28/13.  It will not be live and the public will not know who is bidding or how much unless they watch the website.  Even then it might be impossible to know who is bidding unless you know the bidder’s user name.

Let your commissioner know how you feel about spending taxpayer money on this property.  Remember, they are suppose to represent the citizens—not a select few, but the majority.


The next BOC meeting is November 4, 2013.  See the agenda here.


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One Response to Old Washington Park School Up for Auction

  1. Alan Cox says:

    First of all, the BOC would have to be totally incompetent to bid on something that they were offered free. It was not worth the cost of repairs certainly it is not worth a bid and repairs. If they do that we have got to really question the ethics involved. Perhaps a private investor will win the bid and either re-do the building or tear it down and make it into something very worthwhile. Jasper County does not really need the building. Just my opinion.

    Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2013 16:11:12 +0000 To: awcatlanta@hotmail.com

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