Where is the Sac O Suds?

November 3, 2013

On April 1, 2013 the BOC held Public Hearings for Retail Beer & Wine Licenses.  One of the applicants was “Sac O Suds”, a business that was not open at the time and still is not open today. 

Sac o Suds boarded up

After hearing a passionate presentation of what the plans were, the Board of Commissioners approved a beer and wine license for Sac O Suds.

“Sac O Suds” was a long time business at the corner of Hwy 16 W and Jackson Lake Rd. right at the Ocmulgee River.  However, the business went out of existence when the economy went south in 2009.

In 2009 the property that included Sac O Suds went into foreclosure and the Bank of Monticello owned it until 2012.  In January 2012 the Development Authority of Jasper County (DAJC) voted to purchase the property from the Bank.  At the February DAJC meeting, the details of the agreement were being finalized with Steve Jordan, who serves as President of the Bank of Monticello and as a member of DAJC, recusing himself from the discussion to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.  The DAJC then had EPD review the site, and the EPD gave it a clean environmental report.

Before the DAJC and Bank of Monticello signed papers, another buyer appeared, and on August 31, 2012 the Bank of Monticello sold the property to County Shore Properties, LLC of Alpharetta, GA.  For the first few months after purchase it looked as if something was going to be done at the site; however, it appears nothing of significance has happened at the site since early 2013.

The building permit has recently been renewed, and the beer & wine license will need to be renewed in December.  The BOC takes no action on license renewals nor is the public made aware of these renewals in any way.

It would seem the Board of Commissioners needs to amend current policies concerning approving licenses to make sure there is a viable place of operation and actual business ready to be conducted.

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One Response to Where is the Sac O Suds?

  1. Frances Harvey says:

    Hi, I recently visited Georgia from Ireland and spotted this property. I was surprised to find it boarded up as I thought its connections with ‘My Cousin Vinny’ would make it a bit of a tourist draw, and there’s isn’t another store for miles. I was looking online for info on who owns the building and what plans they might have, so thanks for posting this useful article. I’ve googled County Shore Properties and can’t seem to find any contact info, so the trail has gone cold for me! I’d love to know how much they paid. This place has such great potential. Myself and my sister were formulating all sorts of grand plans for a ‘My Cousin Vinny’ diner!

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