BOC to Discuss Hodges Farm Rd. at November 18th meeting

November 13, 2013

Remember back in 2010 and 2011 when Hodges Farm Rd. was paved?  There were significant problems that were repeatedly brought up by Comm. Mary Patrick including a falsified contract and a lack of a valid bond.  The county attorney (Jim Alexander) and County Manager (Greg Wood) denied anything was wrong.

Please refresh your memory from the post on Comm. Patrick’s website as to what all was wrong with Hodges Farm (and Bullard) Road by clicking the link below.

5/23/2011 –  Hodges Farm Rd & Bullard Rd have no contracts or performance bonds
Even though the answer was yes, the county did have a contract, it turns out it did not and it didn’t have any other protections.  The irregularities with the bonds means they are not valid and the county has no recourse on workmanship or completion of the jobs contracted.

In addition to these problems, the county engineer, Michelle Ott, gave a list of things that had to be done to keep the road in good shape and not come apart.  This list included such things as making sure there were proper ditches, drainage, etc.  This work was never done by Public Works even though the BOC was repeatedly told the work was done.  This list should be in the county files and should be reviewed by the current BOC.  It was an extensive list of corrective actions that were needed.

At the August 5, 2013 meeting, Hodges Farm Rd. was brought up.

Hodges Farm Road Repair:

Ms. Degges noted that direction is needed by staff as to which way the Board would like to go on a short term repair on the 80 foot section of the road.  Commissioners directed staff to get with the engineer to give cost estimates and see how much it would cost.

Maybe at the meeting Monday night we will find out what the cost will be to repair Hodges Farm Rd.  The negligence that was allowed in 2011 will cost the taxpayer’s additional money to repair the road just 2 years later.

Other items on the agenda: Landfill Update & Short-Term Work Program Update.
The 11/18/13 meeting starts at 5:00PM.


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