BOC Meeting Discussions-November 18, 2013

November 20, 2013

The meeting opened with staff getting Comm. Salmon on speaker phone so he could listen in and comment.  Comm. Pennamon gave the invocation.

Both the agenda and minutes from the 11/4/13 meeting were approved 4-0.  (There is no vote allowed via speaker phone.)

The first item of business was Hodges Farm Road. Mark Whitley of Whitley Engineering attended the meeting.  He said that 3 sections of the road need repair, and it appeared that ground water could be a problem.  He also said that the soil is substandard under road.  Mr. Whitley had talked to Pittman Construction (a road contractor doing Jackson Lake Rd and other work in the county) and they thought they needed to peel back the road to determine the exact problem.  Mr. Whitley said he thought this method would cost way too much money.  Instead he suggested letting his firm do additional testing on the road that would cost about $3000. 

Comm. Pennamon then talked about the previous work and repeated most of what was written in the recent blog, including what he said was “substandard work by Key Paving” and referred to the report by Michelle Ott (county engineer at the time).  Read here: BOC to Discuss Hodges Farm Rd.

The BOC then discussed what to do now that the weather was not conducive to paving.  Comm. Luke said the road had already been patched 3 times this year.  Comm. Trammell then made a motion to do a full engineering study at a cost of $3000 or less and get back to the BOC as soon as possible.  They also decided to go ahead and get more patching done for now.  Vote 4-0

NOTE TO BOC:  Bullard Road was done at the same time and in the same manner as Hodges Farm Rd. with the same “contract” and contractor.

The BOC then turned its attention to a regular item on the last several agendas– Landfill Update.  County Manager, Karen Degges, said that “they” (this was not clarified as to whom “they” were, but she did attend the meeting) had an extensive meeting with EPD last week.   She said there were positive comments from EPD and they are pleased with has been accomplished.  The old fiber from Georgia Pacific has to be moved by 12/21 and that was to commence Monday, Nov. 25th.  She said it would be complete by the 12/21 deadline.  Public works employees will be used for this work, with a couple of PW employees still able to address citizen complaints and other road work.  Employees will be working 6 days a week and getting extra pay for doing so.  All 5 county dump trucks will be operating continuously to get this project accomplished. 

 Next was the Short-Term Work Program Update.  Karen Degges said this was updated a while back by Lorri [Smith].  She said it came back [from DCA] and staff doctored it up and sent it back, and now it has been accepted by DCA.  Comm. Pennamon has to sign it as Chairman.  Ms. Degges then said, “We need to review this plan in conjunction with ‘our strategic plan.’”  The last time the plan was actually done, not just revised, was 2007.

Comm. Trammell then brought up the “strategic plan”, an item that was not on the agenda, nor had it been added.  However, it was very interesting.   He said, “The Committee has been working on this.” This meaning the “Strategic Plan”.    The committee members were not mentioned; however, based on a meeting in April 2012, the committee is made of those invited and considered to be the community leaders.  Comm. Trammell then added that he had gone to a meeting at Mercer University, and Mercer is going to help.  The cost will be $5000, and he said the City will participateComm. Trammell said this is year long process, and will only work if “everyone” gets involved.  

NOTE:  No Strategic Plan has been discussed by the BOC in public meeting nor has any money been approved or allocated to this plan.

The Sheriff was in attendance and wanted an Executive Session to discuss pending litigation.  The county attorney said he wanted one too, not for personnel—just for pending litigation.

The BOC adjourned and went into Executive Session

There have been no reports in the local paper for the last 2 BOC meetings; therefore, we will put up “what happened” on our blog after the meetings if at all possible.  People need to be informed about what does go on at both the City Council and County Commissioners meetings.

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One Response to BOC Meeting Discussions-November 18, 2013

  1. Ham says:

    It dont matter who paved a road. If the county workers are doing the base set up, its going to fall apart!

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