Old Washington Park School–Let the Bidding Begin

Old Washington Park SchoolThe Jasper County School Board recently voted to put the old Washington Park School and land up for bid.

The school is located at 1125 Fred Smith St. (off Funderburg Dr.)  There will be 2 Tracts up for bid:
1.  – 3.2+/- Acre lot with school
2.  4.71+/- Acre lot with trailers

Bidding is online only and ends at 12 noon on Thanksgiving Day, 11/28/13.

The Jasper County Commissioners had expressed an interest in this school early in 2013.  There has been no discussion about the purchase of this building in recent months, but one can’t help but  wonder if the School Board put this building up for bid with the understanding the County would put in a bid on it.

During one of the BOC meetings when “Washington Park” was discussed, Comm. Trammell said that he had always tried to get rid of old school buildings, not buy them.  Others on the BOC admitted they did not know what the county would use the building for.  A small group of people have tried to get the BOC to buy this building, and thereby burden the taxpayers of the county with the renovation costs.

Please contact the commissioners and let them know that the county taxpayers don’t need the burden of buying and fixing up an old building full of lead paint and asbestos and in need of extensive repairs. 

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One Response to Old Washington Park School–Let the Bidding Begin

  1. Bobby Jacobs says:

    Lets start a pool! What’s your guess of how much it will bring?

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