December 17, 2013

Usually the judge is sitting on the bench in a court proceeding, but yesterday (12/16/13) in a special called court hearing, Magistrate Judge Angela Steele and her husband Sheriff Deputy Michael Steele, were the defendants in a Dispossessory Petition hearing filed by Jennifer Jorns.  The petition shows that back rent was due and the landlord had prospective purchasers and wanted the premises vacated.  The defendants answered the petition stating they owed no rent.

A court hearing to settle the matter was scheduled for 1:00PM with a judge from another county sitting on the bench.  Court convened early at 12:50PM since all parties were in attendance and ready.

After TWG received numerous calls to check into this situation involving two Jasper County employees, Mike and Angela Steele, attending the court hearing seemed to be the best way to get both sides of the story.  However, that did not turn out to be the case as no evidence or facts were presented.

Before the judge could get started, Mike Steele immediately told him that this could be settled without a court hearing. The judge let both parties go outside the court room to discuss the matter at hand.  In a few minutes they returned to the court room, and again Mr. Steele spoke.  He told the judge that he and his wife would have the premises vacated no later than the evening of December 19th at 8:00PM.  Mrs. Jorns agreed to those terms, and all parties signed the Judgment at 12:57PM.  Court was adjourned by 1:00PM.

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  1. Johnny Walker says:

    I think this is news worthy because of the circumstances surrounding this situation. The Steele’s were living in this house without paying rent, for whatever reason. I believe they were asked to leave their last residence for the very same reason. Mrs. Steele also used social media during the work day to publicly humiliate the home owner with statements that were untrue. After much investigation, it has been determined that the Steele’s owe a large amount of money in income taxes that are unpaid, have had a house in foreclosure, and are overdue in child support. These people are in positions in Jasper County that are supposed to be trustworthy and respectable. However, they do not live by the same creed or expectations that tax abiding citizens are required to live by. It is my understanding that several people whom were inconsequential to this situation were subpoenaed for this hearing. These very people were also county employees and should have been at work. This was a gross waste of time and energy. According to Jasper County Court, the cost was zero…..there were a lot of people in that court room that had to waste an entire day, 5 of them employees of Jasper County. I am sure that all of the facts of this story will eventually be heard. Until then I hope the citizens of Jasper County will continue to have high expectations of the men and women who hold political office. They should be expected to follow the same laws and guidelines the rest of us have to follow. One last question…. isn’t there a code of ethics that a judge and a captain in the sheriff’s office should have to uphold to keep their positions?

  2. Karan Bumann says:

    Why is this news? The people involved worked it out. This is what happens.

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