December 26, 2013

Since our blog of November 12th concerning the hospice facility on Eatonton St. several things have happened.

The hospice has gotten a face lift, the grounds have been cleaned up, and the taxes on the property have been paid in full.

Click pictures to enlarge and see the differences.

Hospice on November 5, 2013

Hospice Bldg 11.5.13

Hospice on December 23, 2013

Hospice Bldg 12.23.13

According to The Monticello News report in the December 12, 2013 edition, Mayor Standifer addressed the issues raised about the hospice and its existing state at the December City Council meeting—

“The mayor also said that in regards to the hospice facility they have been held accountable for their property and have complied whenever a request has been made. Mr. Sweezey stated that they’ve been asked to maintain the grounds as far as grass cutting and the progress on the facility. Mayor Standifer stated that the originator George West still would like to open a hospice here and is seeking more investors to move forward in 2014.”


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2 Responses to HOSPICE UPDATE

  1. GG says:

    isn’t one pic of the front and one of the back? Did they clean up the front?

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