What has happened to our newspaper in reporting the news?

January 31, 2014

Hear no News

The BOC held a meeting last Monday, 1/27/14, with the auditor in attendance.  Kathy Mudd, the editor of the Monticello News, attended and took notes; however, there was no report in the paper.  How are the citizens to know what their elected officials are doing or where their tax money is being spent?  How are the citizens to know if they like what is going on or not if the legal organ of the county never reports on actions of the BOC, Economic Development, the new “Strategic Plan”, the Senior Center, City, School, and County finances, etc, etc.?


What happened at the BOC meeting:

  • The auditor reported on the last fiscal year and several significant findings, including delays that continue in postings to the financial records.  (A separate blog will be dedicated to the audit information.)
  • The Senior Center was given another $7,500 because of Federal cut backs to its funding.  The money is coming out of “contingency”.   Comm. Henry was adamant these funds be closely monitored.
  • The BOC discussed accepting old roads in abandoned subdivisions as county roads.  Comm. Trammell cut off discussion and said it was a “mute point” and wanted to move on.  It may not be so mute when the county has to fix and maintain these roads that have never been accepted by the BOC per county ordinance.  However, at the first of the meeting Comm. Trammell said he only wanted a one hour meeting, so more than ever, things will have to be decided beforehand out of the public eye.  See video


  • The County Manager was upset that “the blog” didn’t publish her diatribes as promptly as she wished.  She wanted the BOC members to make comments, but none of them did.  Finally, Comm. Trammell said the BOC may start a comment section on the county blog with BOC members contributing “the other side of the story.”  If everything was done in public meeting, we would all know “both sides” of the story.  See video.


  • And finally, after listening to citizen comments and passing them off as irrelevant, the county attorney told the BOC they had to amend the agenda to approve the qualifying fees.  Since none of them knew what they had to approve, they had to try to find the newspaper ad with the qualifying fees to see just what they had to vote on.  They were clueless about the entire thing.  How sad!



We feel this information is relevant and that the newspaper has a responsibility to the citizens to keep them informed of all issues and actions of the City Council, School Board, and Commissioners.  These officials set the agenda for Jasper County and levy the taxes to support that agenda.  Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and make good decisions.  That is our goal with this blog.



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11 Responses to What has happened to our newspaper in reporting the news?

  1. Lynn Short says:

    Really, Ms Degges? I had no idea that emoting was part of your job description. I, too am glad we don’t “agree on anything”, generally speaking in matters of principle, of course, otherwise we could possible have identical tastes in such trivial matters as food, sport, or entertainment.

    Nevertheless, while I have never called anyone names, I have dared label the controlling components -with options- of a certain group behavior and if you feel you or others you may know fit within these named parameters, then who am I to argue? You on the other hand, have chosen to attack the individual commentator personally labeling them liar, malcontent and of nefarious purpose, then feign suffering countered by a personal bravado in which you conquer the opposition with great words of wisdom.

    Your imagination may be stronger than your ability to reason, but if so, don’t fret it, such is the cognitive persuasion of many, so many so in fact, that you may be the normal and those weaned from cognitive dissonance via the influence principle and critical thinking, now the fringe.

    President Ronald Reagan once in treaty deliberations with Mikhail Gorbachev used an old Russian proverb “trust but verify”( in the native vernacular) and to have someone such as yourself who claims to be well-versed in the cubicle borne ambitions of corporate America coupled with a self-declared wisdom borne of years of experience in public service, spew the empty rhetoric of “good intentions, lifting people up and for the children,” truly perplexes my faith in your honest intentions and sorely taxes my judgment of your creative muse. Surely, you can do better than the tired old collectivist talking points that the left has been rapping rightwing America’s knuckles with for decades now?

    If I didn’t know better I would think you so naïve to not be trusted with an intellectually challenging task more graduated than chicken litter removal or if not that, then most assuredly a practitioner of the ancient art of hornswaggle dialectics. Other than either of those conclusions, I would pray, that your perplexing demeanor be not the result of one who has been too long off proper medication.

    You make the statement that Jasper County is poor?…by who’s standards? Are we such a poor rural haven lacking in the great gang infested, traffic choked, tax-burdened, crime ridden , debt pimped, over-regulated harried lifestyle you are your fellow transient bureaucrats cherish so, that you and your ilk will never be satisfied until you big-box us into the mold of whence you came?

    It’s funny you should rant on about the fruits of one’s labor, especially considering the official mission of the current FIRE sector controlled Jasper county puppetship is deeply engaged in an ongoing effort to transfer of the taxpayer’s labor /wealth to a cartel of gamers who never labored to produce a penny of it.

    As typical of a statist rationalizing the benefit of wealth confiscation “for the greater good” you would argue the enjoyment of the fruits of one’s own labor to be enjoyed only as a predicated benefit of the wise management of a collusion of government and corporations working together. Benito Mussolini, the father of Fascism once defined fascism as more rightly called corporatism since it was the merger of corporate and government power. If you agree with Mussolini’s definition, how is the current bureaucratic putsch toward investing public tax revenue into private corporations not a fascistic or if you like corporatist initiative? …or is it not fascism when done by your group of controllers?

    And as far as I can tell this county is not dying.( did you major in drama?) Jasper County has weathered war with Indians , Yankees, boll weevils , a Great Depression , and many smaller depressions in between and yet still the sun shines, the seasons change , birds sing and life goes on.

    It’s the debt business that is dying. Debt bubbles are blown and then they inevitable burst. From Dot.com to home ownership, to education , the bansksters have blown them all and left their toxic loans to rot on the peoples books in their avarice ridden wake.

    And, now after the trillions of tax dollars blown backstopping the massive debt created by those reckless endeavors, we are now told we must backstop economic development, because apparently private industry can no longer fund their own enterprise and thus that duty has now fallen on we the people. Are there no longer any lines between public and private enterprise?

    You’ve become such self-avowed accomplished gamer in the corporate world that it only natural you’d graduate to working to move the simple-minded bumpkins “ forward or corral as you would have it, the fruits of their labor into a great pyramid of exponential wealth which can only realized after the producer of that wealth accepts the knock of opportunity.

    The only question remaining is will we poor country clods answer that knock and be whisked away into the awaiting Utopian bliss of parking lot strewn shopping malls, quick care clinics and door to door diaper service all provided by our great investment in corporate benevolence or will we continue to labor away unrewarded with fruit languishing in a dying county with no sun and completely devoid of grandchildren.

    Even though you seem to not understand it, this focus on demanding fiscal responsibility in government, is not about you and never will be, no matter how hard your try to dramatize it as your cross to bear. Government is not a business and thus, should not recklessly risk the tax receipts of those that support the social cause of good government as mere capital to be invested on the whim by those that profit from the investing.

    You may be well schooled in the bureaucracy of corporatism, but you have a few lessons to go in the course of good government. May I suggest a few lessons from very stout practitioner of good government, Calvin Coolidge?
    John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. (July 4, 1872January 5, 1933) was the 30th President of the United States (1923–1929).
    The ability for self-government is arrived at only through an extensive training and education.

    When the government goes into business it lays a tax on everybody else in that business, and uses the money that it collects from its competitors to establish a monopoly and drive them out of business.
    A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny.

    We must have no carelessness in our dealings with public property or the expenditure of public money. Such a condition is characteristic either of an undeveloped people, or of a decadent civilization.

    Everyone ought to realize that the sole source of national wealth is thrift and industry, and that the sole supply of the public treasury is the toil of the people.

    We pay too little attention to the reserve power of the people to take care of themselves. We are too solicitous for government intervention, on the theory, first, that the people themselves are helpless, and second, that the government has superior capacity for action. Often times both of these conclusions are wrong.

  2. gay morrison says:

    Karen you sound paranoid to me. I think Lynn Short hit the nail on the head and where it was a very long reply, it indeed was a very good one. Perhaps, Karen, you should give it some deep soul searching thought.. Remember one thing, you can lie and deceive others, but you can not lie and deceive yourself, but you can be ok with it, for whatever reason you decide helps you sleep at night. I personally find the truth and the side of right is always best. However it gets me no favors, most of the time, disliked a lot by folks like you, but I do sleep well at night.

  3. Lynn Short says:

    Ms. Degges, we might all be Jasper County taxpayers- even those newly transfixed of special purpose – but that doesn’t mean we are all working for the taxpayers. You burst into this public sphere with all the arrogant ignorance of the newly arrived, fueled by a partisan spirit and blinded by personal ambition .You’re not the first mad cow to rampage in this political hayfield and most likely will not be the last.

    That aside, your one-sided perspective does not need to be repeated to be totally understood. It’s is blatantly clear. You’ve wholeheartedly embraced the public debt for economic growth agenda of spend to plan ,spend to build, spend to grow, spend to entertain, and spend to enrich those that profit from more and more public debt. It’s all spending, spend and spend with no recourse for market loss.

    You have all the markers for private profit checked, but the debt markers, if incurred, are left to be absorbed by the public. The name of this game is privatize the profits and socialize the losses. I’d be surprised if you’ve not heard of it.

    The profiteers of public debt have their teams of sycophantic drones both elected and otherwise dominating the public issues with the most overtly possessive voices in the county.

    You have your special appointed committees made up of debt pimps, mewling half-men, snarling harpies, fully supported by the power of what passes for a local press and still you incessantly whine- even during public meetings- about not having a voice on a taxpayer advocates blog.

    Apparently it’s not a public voice you seek, but the power to silence a public voice.

    I am not familiar with the policies behind TWG’s administration of comments (which is only a recent courtesy), but I’ve had comments not appear as well; in particular my reply to your historically ignorant snark in some earlier comment. In retrospect, I think TWG used the better part of discretion in deleting that reply. You can thank Mary. I care not.

    I’ve had my disagreements with TWG, especially concerning zoning/property rights issues, but unlike you, I’ve never expected TWG to provide a platform for my arguments, even when offered. I create my own. No one owes you a platform to spew your collectivist drivel, especially one who campaigns against such nonsense.

    And, too, if TWG never publishes another comment I submit, I will still be thankful that we the taxpayers of Jasper County have an advocate such as Mary willing to sacrifice personal time and put forth the tremendous effort of keeping those that can’t attend BoC meetings or have the stomach to flit amongst the various committees of appointed loafer–lickers abreast of the business of Jasper County government.

    Does it not seem strange that we always see public service wards given out to those that manage to create millions of dollars of debt for the taxpayers, but never one public attaboy for any who have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars of debt? (e.g. Bear Creek Reservoir)And, therein lies the true influence of an organized and insidious systematic effort to convince the ignorant and the gullible that public debt is good and fiscal responsibly is bad.

    Adolph Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Joseph Gobbles once said that the biggest lie, if repeated enough will soon be regarded by the people as truth. No example is clearer than that portrayed by the massive public debt creates jobs and prosperity lie that is being publicly repeated again and again at public meetings in Jasper County.

    I certainly understand your desire to get more people “involved” in the debt to prosperity scam. The more bleating sheep you get trumpeting the fiscal recklessness of public debt creates jobs the more noise you can generate to drown out the voices of those that advocate fiscal responsibility.

    But, regardless your desire to recruit new membership for Team Sycophant, the taxpayers of Jasper County should not have attend to public meetings or waste their precious time mewling about committees while the real business is conducted behind closed doors, or “get involved with a patty-cake committees of drooling milksops to have our property rights respected or our tax dollars managed responsibly when we have duly elected representatives who have sworn oaths to do this for us.

    As for you, we pay you to manage our tax dollars, not to cheerlead for more reckless and complex ways to spend them. This is what you should focus on. Financing you job and our government should be involvement enough for those who pay this county’s bills.

    If you want your perspective heard, start your own blog or better yet make use of that waste of taxpayer money masquerading as a county website and publish the business of the people, which might include, but not limited to BoC meeting minutes and votes, county check registers, DJAC and 4 County Development meeting minutes including staff bonuses, check registers and taxpayer funded jaunts disguised as economic development. If the members of the BoC were to ever have an opinion of their own they want to articulate, all the more better.

    As a freshly hired employee at the county trough, I can understand your diligence is serving up the slop, but please be aware, there are those of us taxpayers who do not ask or want your taxpayer funded central planning. We pay taxes, too and should be keep up to date on how that money is to be spent, before it is spent by EDA, 4County Development, JCWSA or any other clammy claw hooked around the county cookie jar.

    If you were indeed astute at picking winners and losers in the market as you like to pretend, you would not need be in the employment of the Jasper County government and the same can be said for debt pimping opportunists posing as economic planners as well.

    Also, it should not be the duty of those we elect to allocate, behind our backs, the monies of the taxpayers of Jasper County to fund private corporations or plan the use of private property and neither is it yours.

    The job of those we elect should be limited to keeping the counties’ fiscal house in order, maintaining infrastructure and providing safety for the general population, not creating taxpayer funded welfare for those dependent on public debt.

    Maybe if local business and potential start-ups where treated with the same respect and courtesy coupled with the same financial incentives that the public debt pimps offer out-of state corporations to relocate here, we the people of Jasper County might see some real free market growth, and not just the centrally planned, EDA approved market failures that have recently been witnessed all across the nation.

    If you truly want to create jobs in Jasper County, the county can start by deregulating zoning, abolishing permit and business licensing fees and tax. This is how a free market is created…with freedom to conduct commerce without some bureaucratic dullard interfering in something they know little about. (e.g. Houston, Texas)

    The “free” in free market is the antithesis of “plan” as in central planning and only until you understand the difference will you be able to attain a higher level of understanding how markets work…and this is explicitly why you nor those of your collectivist ilk should never be allowed any influence in the planning anyone’s economic future.

    LR Short

    “But politicians who talk about failed policies are just blowing smoke. Government policies succeed in doing exactly what they are supposed to do: channeling resources bilked from the general public to politically organized and influential interests groups.” ~ Robert Higgs

    It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money.” P.J. O’Rouke.

    “When plunder has become a way of life for a group of people living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it.” — Frédéric Bastiat

    As evidenced below, central planners never see the smoke till the house has been totally engulfed with flame and then they always spew the same lie as excuse ,”no one could have ever saw it coming.”…not even a guru.


    Imagine how mainstream experts would have reacted to the following set of predictions in 2006: “In two years Lehman will be bankrupt; Merrill and Bear will be acquired in distressed takeunders; Citicorp, AIG, Chrysler, GM, Delphi, Fannie and Freddie will be taken over by the government facing possibly hundreds of billions of dollars of losses; and only 13 global megabanks will survive.”

    The 2008 crisis had a lasting and profound impact on virtually the entire developed world. The financial system was brought to the brink of collapse; conditions were created for the radical monetary policy of the past five years and a severely distorted recovery; the plans and dreams of hundreds of millions of people were disrupted, in some cases catastrophically; and societal values were significantly twisted away from individual responsibility toward dependency. In fact, the consequences of the bubble, the bust and the policy aftermath are not yet in full historical view. Despite all the pain, policymakers refuse to take responsibility for the bubble, the distortions of the bubble years, the ensuing failure to lay the groundwork for strong post-bust growth, the continued riskiness and fragility of the major financial institutions, the lack of appropriate policies to deal with the bust, or their total inability to deal with competitive and technological challenges in the labor market.

    It is not that the path toward destruction was impossible to see. On the contrary, a number of people saw the disaster coming, even if they did not all see the timing or the shape of it.


    Fascism is the system of government that cartelizes the private sector, centrally plans the economy to subsidize producers, exalts the police state as the source of order, denies fundamental rights and liberties to individuals, and makes the executive state the unlimited master of society. Lew Rockwell

    • Karen Degges, County Manager says:

      Lynn, you and I are never going to agree on anything, and that’s okay…I feel pretty good about it actually. I get it that your way of proving your point is to call people names, think you have it all figured out and everyone pegged. There is no one on the face of this planet that you or Mary (and perhaps some of the other bloggers) will ever approve of in any job here at the County, elected, appointed or otherwise. So that takes the pressure off me and lets me spend my time working on helping everyone else.

      A person can go through life assuming the worst about every person they meet, never trust anyone, spend most of each day tearing people down, and hate the world. OR…they can wake up every morning and believe in their heart that most people are good, have good intentions, want to do the right thing, and spend most of each day lifting people up. I chose to be the later.

      This is one of the poorer counties in the state, with all the surrounding counties raking in your sales tax dollars. Running things here the status quo way has made all the adjacent counties very happy, as we all drive out of the county to buy clothes for our children, see medical specialists, buy cars and new tennis shoes. This county gets poorer, while everyone else enjoys the fruits of our labors here. Our citizens get older, and we watch the young people here graduate high school and leave. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this is not a workable plan.

      I’m not saying go take on massive amounts of debt…but some game plan has to be created to stop this county from dying. You’re right…it’s not my job to create that plan…not directly. It’s my job to manage the staff, provide services to citizens to the best of our ability with our declining revenue stream, and enforce the policies set by the BOC. While doing that we are also cutting costs, saving the county money in every way we can think of, and trying to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. Keep on thinking the worst about me and everyone else you choose to all day long Lynn…that is your right. However it doesn’t mean you ARE right. People are much better than you’re giving them credit for, but maybe some of you out there have been burned so many times in life you can no longer trust others or be positive about anything. I can only do what I know is right to do, work hard for the County, and support my staff.

      We’re not punching bags here, and I’ll keep defending myself, my board and my staff any time I think you, the TWG or any other blogger is making an unfair or inaccurate accusation. I came from a corporate background and have spent my entire career (including the past fifteen or so years in local government) saving my employer money, reducing debt, cutting costs, and getting the finances in order. The opposite of what you think you know about me.

      Every community has its arm-chair quarterbacks. Those that second-guess everyone else’s hard work and tough decisions. That’s the easiest job in the world, as you never have to actually prove you’re right or deliver results. I will leave it at that, and we can move forward knowing we will never find common ground and agree. That’s just how it goes sometimes. Submitted 2/7/14 at 6:48 p.m.

  4. lrshort says:

    Maybe the local team-spirit nonewz is just following the national trend of self-inflicted stupid.. don’t worry be ignorant or no newz is good newz …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ1mA1NeUmU

  5. gay morrison says:

    I agree there are some things that are not being printed in our paper that should be. I am not sure why she will print some things and not others.

    but my comment is more geared to Karen Degges and her comment in regards to this blog and her comment not being printed in what she felt was an untimely manner. Karen, during the time of your comment Mary was dealing with some family issues that was beyond her control. She was back stroking for better than a week trying to deal with those issues and get caught up. She may not have gotten everything done in order but she finally got it done. I would not think it was anything personal toward you.

    I really like that you shared your comment/opinion. It is a good thing you are reading the blog and hearing what folks think and how they feel. It is even better to get both sides of the story on the blog. I prefer to hear all sides. I think it would be great if all members of the BOC would do the same. With that said, even other folks that work for the county and are paid by taxpayer dollars like you and the BOC should also comment, without fear of retaliation from superiors for having done so. But then we know that will not happen will it. Folks that do not agree with everything being done or said and actually have the nerve to say so are not liked or treated well by folks in power. They are treated as trouble makers and should be avoided like a plague. How rude and unfair is that?

    • Karen Degges, County Manager says:

      Thank you Gay for your thoughtful comments…I very much appreciate it. My primary issue with this site has always been that everyone’s opinion should be welcome on the blog, as we are all Jasper County taxpayers. No one should be afraid to hear someone else’s perspective, let someone have the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, or answer another blogger’s questions. If the TWD is being truthful, factual, and not exaggerating or distorting what was discussed at a public meeting…if they are reporting exactly what people said, and not adding comments that clearly are based on some crazy psychic ability to read people’s minds and interpret it for everyone’s reading pleasure, then they should have no reason to delete blog comments (as they have done mine and possibly other county employees who have attempted to participate), refuse to post the comment until it’s been edited to their liking (yes, I have proof), or hold them in internet limbo-land until the topic has aged off the site. That’s called censorship, plain and simple.

      Gay, I appreciate and respect your loyalty to your friend, but this has been going on since mid-September…it is not just a recent one-time event. I wouldn’t have brought it up if this had happened one time, and yet the TWD, specifically Mary Patrick, is trying to embarrass me and make fun of me for raising the concern. After my first one or two comments were posted in late August, my comments began to be deleted, and I was blocked from blogging altogether for about 2 weeks, until I commented on it in a BOC meeting, forcing Mary Patrick to address the issue. I was even blocked from trying to post a special called BOC meeting agenda (blocked by the person who claims they want the sun to shine in). Mary at first denied deleting and blocking my comments, and now they stay “awaiting moderation” for 5-8 days each time I try to reply to a blog. I have been documenting this for five months and know this has not been done to any other blogger. Everyone else’s blogs are posted within 24 hours. Is this discrimination, fear of the truth, or fear of letting you readers see any other opinion other than the ones she wants you to…your guess is as good as mine.

      Mary Patrick refers to my comments as diatribes, even though only a few ever made it through and were published. By definition, “di•a•tribe/ˈdīəˌtrīb/noun: diatribe; a forceful and bitter verbal attack against someone or something. Synonyms: tirade, harangue, onslaught, attack, polemic, denunciation, broadside, fulmination, condemnation, censure, criticism.” It’s interesting that Mary was so comfortable using that word. That pretty much describes every article ever written on the TWD site…so I guess that’s where I learned it from.

      Folks, come to the BOC meetings yourselves instead of relying on the TWD to keep you informed of what’s going on (or their version of it). Join one of our committees or be willing to serve on a board. We need your help to get the job done, and we welcome your comments and input. Stop by my office or call me anytime and share your concerns and ask questions. Get involved with your local government and help us make this the safest, most family-oriented community in this state, where EVERYONE is treated with respect, with great jobs, plentiful medical care, more parks and recreation opportunities, and a thriving business community.

      To all readers and bloggers…we can disagree with each other on some or even all of the issues…that doesn’t mean we have to put people down, make fun of them, insinuate incompetence or exaggerate and embellish with lots of exclamation points and snide remarks, in what is obviously an attempt to hurt people’s reputations and careers, and call each other names. We CAN leave anger and bitterness at the door and treat each other as we all want to be treated, and work together. This is the level of decency I see everywhere I go in the County…except here. Why is that? Is it because the writers are embellishing issues and distorting the facts in an effort to inflame and agitate you readers? That is the heart of the definition of Yellow Journalism by the way. Voice your opinions by all means, we can agree to disagree as they say, but a smart person can make their point without verbally bashing, bullying or demeaning someone else. Absolutely question what your local government is doing, but also question what the TWD is doing. The TWD can certainly dish out the abuse and criticism, but can they take it when the criticism is pointed back at them? Submitted 2/5/14 at 11:10 a.m.

      • taxdogs says:

        Ms. Degges obviously has way too much time on her hands. The staff can’t get checks scanned in after a 2 month period, but the Co Mngr has time to blog and bash. If TWG could put up the entire video of the meeting–as many counties do–people could watch the entire, long drawn out thing. Everyone could see who was being truthful.

        The best post from Ms. Degges was when she tried to blame the TWG for putting out the information on the new EMS pay. She handed this info out and went over it with the BOC. Then when TWG noticed the EMS employees would be working 130 more hours for the same pay, oops, it was wrong and had been corrected and somehow TWG should have known it and asked for the new “real figures.” Not that Ms. Degges offered to send it to us with the corrections. No, her blog said TWG was wrong!!

        No employee dares to put anything on the TWG blog for fear of retribution from either the Co Mngr or the BOC. Comm. Salmon has gotten himself involved in more than one personnel and/or private issue.

        There is no issue of Sunshine with the blog. We report what we see and hear at the meetings. It is up to the BOC to hold discussions and business in the Sunshine–they are the government entity! Of course when the sun shines in, some people just can’t stand it. If the paper would actually report what went on in a full an truthful manner, there would be no need for TWG.

      • Mike says:

        Karen, there’s plenty of people that don’t like Mary Patrick, You know why? Because she tells the truth about things our commissioners and others would rather have secret. She has done this for years. You might not like it but facts do slap you sometimes. Didn’t you say you were going to start your own blog along with the commissioners?

  6. cheryl nowetner says:

    It’s about time that the results of a BOC meeting are reported on in it’s entire form. If the paper can’t devote time to county items after sitting through the meeting maybe it’s time someone else did.

  7. Just Askin' says:

    You mean someone actually had the guts to put in print what everybody talks about? Watch out TWG!

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