More on How Economic Development Works–A Vote and then a Contract

February 17, 2014

The saying is “Follow the Money!”

Follow the money

Follow the money

New questions in Braves vote


As a board member for a Cumberland business district, Mason Zimmerman voted in favor of contributing millions of dollars toward the new Atlanta Braves stadium in the area.

Three months later, the development company where Zimmerman works is a finalist to build the $400 million entertainment district the Braves plan to develop around the ballpark.

Critics say Zimmerman’s dual roles were a conflict of interest, and he should have recused himself.

Zimmerman and Tad Leithead, chairman of the Cumberland Community Improvement District, strongly disagree. They say the vote came well before Zimmerman’s company, Pope & Land Enterprises, knew enough about the project to consider bidding for the high-profile lead developer role.


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