American Towers Requesting 6 Cell Towers–on same properties already approved for AT&T Towers

CellTowerAT&T just had eight (8) 310’cell towers approved.  Now American Towers (usually carries Verizon) wants to locate 6 more 310′ cell towers–on the same properties according to the legal notices in this week’s paper. The legal ad doesn’t say these will be co-locates on existing or approved towers.  It appears this will be another $50,000+ for our Economic Development Director, David Dyer, on top of the $68,000 ($8500 per tower) for the AT&T towers--but only if our current cell tower ordinances are not followed.

Below are the 8 approved towers sites that the BOC recently approved for AT&T.  Those marked in red are the ones American Towers also wants a 310′ cell tower.  

Parcel #                                          Location                                         Owner

032 003 Hwy 16 W at Faulkner Rd. C.Tye & E. Parker (420.14 ac)
021 006 Palato Rd. Rita Kelly (71.71 ac)
010 067 Post Rd. between Roper Rd & Pitts Chapel Rd. Key-Bridges Holdings, LLC(198.62 ac)
034 091A Rock Eagle Rd. Don B. Kelly (45 ac)
054 001 001 Hwy 83 S near Juliette Rd. Dawkins Hodgson Properties, LLC (200 ac)
040 021 Ga Pacific Rd. Key-Bridges Holdings, LLC(368 ac)
051 040 001 Clay Tillman Rd. at Hwy 11 S John Dumas Sr. (55.54 ac)
047 024 Hwy 212 E at Putnam Co line James B. Ingram (22.5 ac)
Co-location on existing tower American Tower in Shady Dale City of Shady Dale

James Ingram lives in Covington, GA

Key-Bridges Holdings is owned by people that live in Bonaire, GA. 

Dawkins Hodgson Properties is owned by people that live in Nashville, TN.  

Tye & Parker live in Griffin, GA.

These owners will benefit financially, along with David Dyer, while the people in this county have to live next to these towers and see them daily.  Is this really economic development?

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