The “You Need a Break” Award (This should be the “Screw the Taxpayers” Award)

The following post is copied from Creative Loafing’s Annual Golden Sleaze Awards

The “You Need a Break” Award

More tax breaks for special folks

More tax breaks for special folks

given to Sen. Brandon Beach, R-Alpharetta (also head of the
Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce)

It’s already legal for appointed boards of business worthies called “local development authorities” to own a piece of tax-free land and lease it back to a company in the name of economic development. Fine. So how about adding hotels and motels to the list of businesses that can wiggle out of property taxes with that nod from an authority? Well yes, says Beach, an Alpharetta Republican.

He introduced a proposal this session (SB 353) that lets hotel and motel owners wipe their hands clean of taxes that help pay for roads, schools, and other useful things. He called it a “cleanup bill.” Yeah, somebody’s cleaning up.

It passed the Senate but then died.   In Senate voting Senator Burt Jones voted Yes on this bill.

In other news, Sen. Beach’s Senate Bill 141 would make it illegal to sue a doctor, replacing courts with a government “Patient Compensation Board,” a new bureaucracy that would be — ta da! — stacked with doctors.  This bill did NOT pass!

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