March 30, 2014

At a recent BOC meeting, the commissioners approved accepting a plan and privately donated funds to upgrade the Animal Control shelter. TWG has obtained a copy of the plans through open records.

Upgraded Animal Shelter

Upgraded Animal Shelter

(Click on picture to enlarge)

This picture shows that there will be 20 inside kennels of approximately 2’x 11’ with access to outside runs of 5’x20’. At present the animals have no way to go outside unless physically taken out while their kennels are being cleaned. Now they can go outside when it is nice and when their kennels are being cleaned. The outside runs will be covered.

What an improvement!! Something that has been talked about for years but never been accomplished. Thank you to the private donor who had the say-so as to how the funds would be used to help the animals!!

The BOC has also recently paid a bill of $39,702 to upgrade and renovate the shelter—work which was approved late in 2013 and paid in February 2014 to Elijah Jones Construction. This work was to modify the office layout and correct some ventilation problems. This amount was paid with county (taxpayer) funds.

In addition to these improvements, it is our understanding that Sheriff Pope is also allowing inmates to help care for the animals by helping with cleaning and feeding the animals.

We continue to hope that the Animal Shelter and the animals housed there will be well taken care of.


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  1. Gay morrison says:

    I think this is the best news ever! I am very excited over this news. The plans look promising. It does appear that only upgrades for dogs are taking place. Which without doubt is much needed. What about the cats?
    What most folks do not realize is that shelters usually take in more cats in a year than dogs. It is just that dogs take up more space than dogs due to their needs and sizes.
    Our shelter has made great strides over the past year and a half. We can all rest easier knowing that the animals who have the misfortune of ending up there are being treated much better than they use to be.
    Thank you who ever you are! I for one appreciate what you are doing!

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