BOC Meeting Agenda-Monday 4/7/14 at 5:15PM

gavelNote, even though the BOC announced all meetings this year would start at 5:30PM, this one starts at 5:15PM.    County Commissioner items can end up being anything, as each commissioner is allowed to bring up whatever he wants, even if it is not on the agenda.  You never know just what might be discussed. 

Public works will be discussed at the work session.  Maybe they will discuss how potholes are fixed (not fixed!)–fill in, tamp down, find hole again in about 10 days.  These same methods have been used for years; they never change and the results never change.  It will be interesting to hear what new ideas the BOC has.  More training?  Tried that for 8 years.  More new equipment?  Doesn’t ever seem to make any difference; however 3 new motor graders have been purchased on credit. 


April 7, 2014
5:15 p.m.

Work Session – Public Works Planning Session (5:15 p.m.)

  1. Call to Order (6:00 p.m.)          Regular meeting starts at 6:00PM

 V.      Consent Agenda

1.  Approval of Minutes:

Work Session March 3, 2014

Regular Meeting March 3, 2014

Special Called Meeting March 7, 2014

 2.   Check Register –  

VII. Citizen Comments    

      VIII. Presentations/Delegations      

Presentation/Delegations allows scheduled speakers to address the Commission for not more than ten (10) minutes on specific topics or for recognition of citizens,  county employees or other events by the Commissioners. 

Tim Knight – Pittman Construction – Post Road Bridges 

  IX.   Regular Agenda

                       Old Business: 

1.       2014 LMIG Update – Project Bids

2.      Fire/EMS Bid Results – Expansion and Rescue Pumper

  New Business:

1.      Adoption of FY2015 Budget Calendar

2.      Alcovy Shores Water & Sewer Authority – Board Appointments

3.      Public Works Planning Session (further discussion/action if needed)

4.      FY2014 Vehicle Purchase/SPLOST – Sheriff 

   X.  County Attorney Items                               

    XI.   County Manager Items

  1. Landfill Update
  2. FY2014 3rd Quarter Financial Work Session – April 14th
  3. Recreation Planning Update – April 12th Event
   XII.  County Commissioner Items

   1.       Extension Service – Ag Agent

2.      Political Action Policy

      XIII. Executive Session


   XIV. Adjournment

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One Response to BOC Meeting Agenda-Monday 4/7/14 at 5:15PM

  1. says:

    Like the two drainage pipes they put on Pal Alto. There is now two huge mountains in the road and this is because they did not put the pipes where the water can actually go in them. They sit above the water line. It is such sad work it is actually funny. It is perfect they are discussing this department, because, my citizen comment is going to be about those pipes and the wasted money spent on having them installed. I have been waiting 2 weeks for the opportunity. Of course since I live in agriculture it may be just something else I need to deal with. 🙂 Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4GLTE smartphone

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