Part I

April 8, 2014

ASWA Water TankComm. Salmon just can’t resist doing everything in his power to harass and intimidate Alcovy Shores Water Authority (ASWA) and the people that work there, in particular the certified system operator Juanita Gazaway.

Before the BOC meeting last night (4/7/14) Comm. Salmon had the County Manager require ASWA to submit names for their board for BOC approval. The ASWA board members are renewed every 4 years, and usually in September. The last time this was done was in 2010. This has usually been a process of approving the members recommended, just like it is for the JCWSA board appointments.

The requested letter was delivered to the courthouse and the BOC offices on March 14. After this letter was delivered, it appears Comm. Salmon contacted particular people in the Rollingwood Cove area and gave them information he wanted talked about at the BOC meeting during citizen comments. Several people in the Alcovy Shores area knew that someone would be getting up at the BOC meeting and lambasting Ms. Gazaway and making the accusations that Mr. Salmon has made in the past as a JCWSA board member. Ms. Gazaway was called to the meeting under the pretense of board appointments, but all the while she was being set up by Comm. Salmon to be harassed publicly.

Comm. Salmon used the board appointments to demand an investigation into the ASWA because he has made it clear he thinks that Ms. Gazaway should not be able to serve on the ASWA board and be the system operator. Here’s what he had to say:


Both Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Henry stopped Comm. Salmon and told him this was about board appointments. It was obvious to those in the room this was a harassment tactic, but it may have backfired. A citizen in the back of the room asked the BOC members if they didn’t have enough to do that actually needed to be done rather than sticking their noses into something where it didn’t belong. You can hear this on the youtube video above.

Ms. Gazaway had already spoken and told the BOC how ASWA worked and how they had been in existence since 1979. The county has not helped ASWA, and ASWA has not repeatedly (yearly) requested funds nor do they get special tax money to operate. Instead they mind their own business and provide water to the Alcovy Shores and Rollingwood Cove area.

ASWA operates under the House Bill that established them in 1979. Each year they have an audit done by the CPA firm of McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., LLC in Macon, GA.

If Mr. Salmon is so very concerned that Ms. Gazaway gets paid for being the system operator—fixing lines, reading meters, putting in new service, etc.—maybe he ought to let us know how it is that he was paid while serving on the JCWSA board. The rules of JCWSA say that all board members should serve without compensation, yet Craig Salmon received $200 a month to “reimburse him for his telephone and fax”. He was also compensated for mileage from time to time. Now how is it that that is all OK, but when Ms. Gazaway is paid for actual work as the system operator, it is not OK?

We should all know this answer. Comm. Salmon has had an agenda for a very long time. That agenda is to do away with ASWA and allow JCWSA to take it over.

Now if anyone needs to be investigated, it is JCWSA. Do you know how JCWSA paid the note they had due December 31st? In Part II you will find that out and more.

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  1. lrshort says:

    Surprisingly enough, Salmon has never called for a investigation into the mountains of graft involving with the founding, the incompetent management,illegal taxpayer funding of JCWSA , or the incessant lies surrounding the the land development deal/loan generating deal masquerading as a water authority.Apparently harassing women is all a little man dares.

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