Part II

April 10, 2014

ASWA Water TankComm. Salmon has recently tried to interfere into the everyday workings of ASWA. Why would the County Manager want the ASWA staff to meet her to “mediate a citizen’s complaint about the water being turned off?” Because Comm. Salmon directed the County Manager to meet with the ASWA staff and the resident to see if “he was being treated fairly.”

Comm. Salmon is way out of line by interfering in what is in essence a private business.  AWSA follows the rules and regulations that have been set forth, and like any good business would, they cut off service when the bill isn’t paid and is over a month late.

However, on January 17, 2014, the ASWA office manager, system operator, property owner, tenant and complainant, ASWA board member, and interested citizens met at the ASWA office at the request (demand) of Karen Degges, County Manager. When asked why she was interfering she said she “wanted to make sure all citizens of Jasper County were treated fairly.” She also admitted that Comm. Salmon asked her to look into the situation as to why this complainant’s water was cut off.

Is it the BOC’s duty to get involved in citizens’ personal bills and financial situations? If we don’t like it when a bill collector comes by and wants to cut off our electric or phone or water, do we all get to call the County Manager and complain we are not being treated fairly and have her come mediate the situation for us? Or does this only happen if it is Alcovy Shores Water Authority? We have never heard of the BOC or Comm. Salmon questioning it when a JCWSA customer has water service cut off.

Ms. Degges tried to make herself out as a mediator/facilitator, but she and Comm. Salmon were putting their noses exactly where they didn’t belong. After hearing the story and seeing the facts, Ms. Degges realized there was a very legitimate reason for the water being cut off (and should have been sooner); she told the man to get a loan from his family or friends, pay the bill, plus the security deposit and then he could get his water turned back on. Hopefully, she realized that Comm. Salmon’s personal agenda put her in a difficult situation.

The problem here is Comm. Salmon has repeatedly thought of things to do to harass and intimidate ASWA and system operator Juanita Gazaway. Why do the other BOC members allow this to happen? And just what is this “water issue” that Comm. Salmon wants solved with an investigation into ASWA? The only water issue we know about in this county is JCWSA’s inability to meet its obligations because of the cost of water lines run to potential subdivisions and its quest for taxpayer funds to bail them out.

Alcovy Shores Water Authority (ASWA) has been in existence since 1979.   They happen to be solvent despite the fact that the county has never provided them with funds. JCWSA on the other hand has gotten direct funds from the BOC (taxpayers) since the beginning of their existence in 1999, even though the taxpayers of the county were assured the JCWSA would stand on its own and survive on the revenues generated by the water system, not off taxpayer funding. For the past several years JCWSA has gotten funds from a special tax levy bringing in over $42,000 each year. This is not enough, nor is any amount ever enough. JCWSA continues to borrow money they can’t pay back.

In late 2013 the JCWSA told the BOC they needed money to pay their note. The trouble is, it wasn’t the USDA note they were worried about. It was the note JCWSA borrowed from the Bank of Monticello as a tax anticipation note that was due 12/31/13—by law. In order to pay this note on time (and then immediately borrow the money back in January), $8,000 was borrowed from one of the JCWSA board member’s employer—Patrick & Associates—an engineering firm that has ties to Bear Creek Reservoir. (Per Minutes from JCWSA 3/11/14 meeting) Does Comm. Salmon see any conflict in this? Will he have an investigation launched? Surprisingly enough, Salmon has never called for an investigation into the illegal taxpayer funding of JCWSA or the land development deals surrounding this water authority.


We will report in Part III what happens at the May BOC meeting when ASWA board members are appointed.


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  1. lrshort says:

    JCWSA was conceived in deceit and corruption and thus it should come as no surprise that in conjunction with those elected to serve JCWSA, their modus operandi remains dishonest and dedicated to dumping this dead beat of a water authority on the backs of the very people who voted no to funding a county wide water authority in the no so long ago past.

    The minutes from the JCSWA March meeting go a long way in explaining the BOC’s unfounded, although apparently planned attack on an independent and solvent Alcovy Shores Water Authority. While ASWA has never asked the county taxpayer for a nickel in taxpayer funded support, the insolvent and incompetently managed JCWSA (the parasitical spawn of real estate flippers and public debt pimps ) has since it’s unsanctified by constituents birth been skulking around the BOC’s back door hauling off loads of pilfered taxpayer loot.

    According to their March meeting minutes, the bankrupt JCWSA -with the aid of former JCWSA board members turned county commissioners- is again beating at the County’s backdoor, rudely demanding another taxpayer funded bail-out to further service their loads of bad debt, hence the purpose of Brother Salmon and Sister Tuna’s all so fishy attempt at the red herring debacle they tried to pass off as official county business.

    Regardless all the unnecessary background noise created by the BOC tasked with the simple duty of appointing board members to corporate owned county water authorities, these facts remain; ASWA is a competently managed and solvent water authority and JCWSA is neither.
    And, no dog and pony show staged by cadre of clowns can change facts
    It is not a duty or obligation of the taxpayers of this county to keep bailing out a dysfunctional, poorly planned and incompetently managed mess of a water authority that is JCWSA.

    We the taxpayers of Jasper County have toted this turkey of a water authority for 15 years.
    .It is ludicrous for the taxpayers of Jasper County to continue to have our tax receipts confiscated and squandered on such a service that benefits so few.
    It is nigh time the BOC stop meddling and allow, if not force JCWSA’s solvency issue to be settled in Bankruptcy court.
    JCWSA once overtly claimed that they needed no funding from Jasper County .They were a stand alone entity and their corporate power transcended that of the BOC, they crowed.
    The braggarts have spoken, now let’s make it so.

    Jasper County Water & Sewer Authority — Minutes
    March 11, 2014 — Regular Meeting – Bank of Monticello Annex

    5. Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Walton presented the financial statements. Mr. Walton reminded the board that we are currently running one month behind on payments to the USDA and that a letter from the USDA was attached to the meeting package. Mr. Singleton made a motion that the content of the report be approved as presented. Mr. Whitten seconded the motion. Being no further discussion a vote was called and the motion carried unanimously. 8. Meetings Attended: Chair Carter, Mr. Singleton, Mr. Walton and Frank Sherrill met with Veronica Peterson & Jack Stanek, both with the USDA on February 20th at their request. They reminded the members that we are currently one month behind on the USDA note and were interested in how we plan to catch up. The various members explained that we believe we are about to reach an agreement with the BOC about past due amounts and hopefully we would catch up then. Additionally we discussed an increase in our rates to try to stay on track. We discussed trying to attract new customers, but all were aware of the weak housing market. Mr. McMichael said that he ran into Commissioner Trammell and he said to hang on. Mr. McMichael also met with Hamilton State Bank; they will refund the $60 dormancy fee. Chair Carter, Mr. Singleton and Mr. Currie need to stop by Hamilton to become signers on the account. Mr. Walton reported that he attended two Jasper Forward meetings; the meetings were informative and the crowd was very optimistic about the future of Jasper County & the City of Monticello.
    9. Unfinished Business: Mr. Walton presented a preliminary income statement prepared by Mr. Sherrill to look at our recent expenses. The goal was to see if there is any expenses that can be reduced before we examine rate increases. It was detelmined the AT&T data lines and Central Georgia EMC accounts that are used by the Auto dialers could be terminated. Mr. Walton made a motion that the data lines and power accounts be closed. Mr. Singleton seconded, being no further discussion, a vote was called and passed unanimously.

  2. GG says:

    someone needs to stop Craig and the county manager. Why does the county manager not work on Fridays? I was told her days are Monday-Thursday.

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