April 22, 2014

Snake in the Grass2On May 5th the BOC will vote to appoint or re-appoint members to the Alcovy Shores Water & Sewerage Authority (ASWA) board. As reported earlier ( on our blog, Comm. Craig Salmon has made ASWA a target in his quest to have JCWSA take over and/or dominate other water systems in Jasper County.

Rumors continue to swirl in the Alcovy Shores and Rollingwood Cove community about Comm. Salmon recruiting people to sign up and request to be on the ASWA board. It appears his intentions are to dominate the ASWA board and direct its future.

The recent JCWSA minutes may shed some light on what is going on behind the scenes. Remember—both Comm. Gene Trammell and Comm. Craig Salmon served as officers on the JCWSA, and during that time JCWSA repeatedly threatened to sue the county and they encouraged USDA to do so as well.  According to the JCWSA minutes dated 3/11/14, “..we are about to reach an agreement with the BOC about past due amounts and hopefully we would catch up [the USDA note] then .” Also, Comm. Trammell told JCWSA board members to “hang on.”

See JCWSA minutes here

Comm. Trammell and Comm. Salmon have always expressed desires for the county taxpayers to bail out JCWSA by obligating the county to pay JCWSA debt.

Both Comm. Trammell and Comm. Salmon should recuse themselves from any vote on these issues, especially since Comm. Salmon has interjected himself into ASWA day to day business and has publicly “called out” ASWA system operator, Juanita Gazaway, for what he calls a conflict of interest. There can be no bigger conflict of interest than those expressed by Comm. Salmon and Comm. Trammell about JCWSA, ASWA, and other water issues in this county.

Please attend the May 5th meeting to see how this situation unfolds. Your attendance at this meeting is important!

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