April 26, 2014

Certified BOCThe recent edition of The Monticello News had a short article telling us of the accomplishments of four new county commissioners.

These men have gone to numerous classes at a cost to the taxpayers of well over $25,000 to become “certified.” Certified is a title given by the ACCG, Association of County Commissioners of Georgia, an organization that is making boo-coodles of money making sure county commissioners are spending lots of tax dollars in places like Savannah, Lake Lanier Islands, and the Atlanta Marriott to attend classes and become certified.


Just to go and receive their certificates, it cost the county over $4,000 in registration fees and hotel bills. (See checks below–click to enlarge) It appears the county attorney even went to see this joyous occasion. Why not, we taxpayers are footing the bill. There will most likely be more costs for mileage reimbursement.

 Cost to rec certificates


Now, since these men are all certified, we taxpayers get to pick up even more costs—the real reason to become certified. Each commissioner now gets an extra $100 per month as long as they remain commissioners. That’s an extra $6,000 per year (Comm. Pennamon was certified several years ago) we pay in addition to their salaries.

Certification has to mean something other than having a certificate and taking some classes. Maybe it will mean better roads, some actual code enforcement, or ideas on how to cut waste. The paper said it helped them to “network” and learn “best practices” for doing their jobs.

Take a look at the March check register and see what other items you are paying for with your tax dollars. You may be amazed.


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