1% Cost of Living Raises for County Elected Officials

May 10, 2014

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The Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget has calculated the cost of living adjustment for county official salaries effective January 1, 2015.

Sheriffs, superior court clerks, tax commissioners, magistrates, commissioners and coroners will be entitled to a 1% cost of living increase.

Our Commissioners will now get their $100 increase per month for being “certified” plus another 1% increase for the cost of living.

And don’t forget the free health insurance, free phones, and upcoming laptops for each commissioner that Comm. Trammell has said he wanted in the budget for FY15.

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3 Responses to 1% Cost of Living Raises for County Elected Officials

  1. Karen Degges, County Manager says:

    Funny, I didn’t see you around the courthouse when I worked three of the last four weekends. Yes, my contract provides for a raise upon completion of the probationary period, and then after one year on the job I’ll be paid what the last several County Managers were paid the first day they started. FYI, I work around 60 hours a week or more in the office, depending on BOC meeting schedules and other Board commitments (like the E-911 Board), plus handle County business by phone and email at any time of day or night. I also handle County business when I’m on my unpaid furlough days or taking a vacation day. That goes with the job. If you do the math, I’m being paid on an hourly basis what most of my department heads are making, or less. However, it’s my own decision to put in that many hours and make that level of commitment to the County and its employees…so not complaining…just responding to your comment to set the record straight.

    • Simon says:

      Har Har Har. 60 hours?? Har Har. No one in the courthouse sees you for more a few hours a day. Maybe you can fool the commissioners and get your raise by saying you work on weekends. Priceless. No one there to see if you work or not.

  2. Simon says:

    1% is not too bad. What is bad is the county manager is hardly at work and is getting a big raise of $5000.

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