May 13, 2014

Tonight at the Monticello City Council meeting the new FY15 budget was handed out. The Police Department budget had been cut from $517,341 this year to $125,601 for FY15. The entire budget for employees is cut except for $12,709, and the maximum unemployment benefits are budgeted.


See copy of that proposed budget here:

There have been rumors for a couple of weeks about the Sheriff taking over the City police duties. If that happens, the County will have to be reimbursed by the City for specific duties, such as night patrols, etc. At least that is what was talked about and proposed a few years ago when the City Council proposed to do the same thing then.

Tonight at the BOC meeting, the 3 Commissioners that attended, the County Attorney, and the Sheriff all went into Executive Session to discuss “pending litigation.” Not long afterwards, the 3 Commissioners—Pennamon, Henry, and Salmon—showed up at the City Council meeting. Comm. Pennamon spoke at this meeting and asked the Council not to do this.

The City has to cut its budget; there is no doubt about that. It has been spending $500,000+ more than it brings in for the last 2 years, and has had to borrow $1.5 million or more.


If talks have been ongoing between the City and County and Sheriff, they have been “one or one” and/or out of the eye of the public. There is too much of this kind of business being conducted in our City and in our County.

Citizens will be able to have their say at the Public Hearing for the City Budget on June 2nd at 7:00PM.

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