VOTING RESULTS from May 20th Primary Elections

May 21, 2014

VoteAccording to Election Superintendent, Linda Keller, 18.82% of Jasper County’s registered voters actually voted in Tuesday’s election.

There are __7397__ registered voters in Jasper County. Total voting was 1392.

The largest number of votes (1372) was cast in the ELOST— 1% sales tax for the schools—with 59.48% voting Yes.

The largest number of Republicans (1121) voted in the US Senate race. David Perdue and Jack Kingston will be in a run-off.

The largest number of Democrats (222) voted in the US Senate race with Michelle Nunn victorious.

MaryKay Bacallao and Mike Buck will be in a run off for State School Superintendent.

Jody Hice and Mike Collins will be in a run off for US Representative, District 10.

Craig Salmon received 175 votes and Bruce Henry received 140 in uncontested races for Commissioner seats.

For detailed results for Jasper County see this link:


The run off election will be held July 22nd.


Vote in each and every election and vote for the candidate that supports LIBERTY! It is time we start voting for who we think will do the best job, not for who we think is going to win!


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