June 3, 2014


The BOC held their monthly regular meeting last night at 6:00PM. The following were the highlights. We will have details and video of this meeting coming later today and in the coming days.


  1. Taxes will increase 2 mils for county operations and .15 mils additional for the hospital under the budget agreed upon by the BOC. For a house valued at $100,000 the increase would be $86–$80 to the county and $6 to the hospital. Approved 5-0. There will be details and video on this tomorrow in our blog.
  2. Increased the county employees’ cost of health insurance by raising the deductible they pay from $1000 to $2500 and adding a $15 per pay period cost for their health insurance. Approved 5-0. More details forthcoming in our blog.
  3. Water issues—Comm. Salmon again pleaded for an investigation of the two water authorities in the county saying so we would know what the truth was. There were many comments made and a blog with video and all information will be out in a day or two. This investigation was not approved with Pennamon, Henry, and Trammell against. Luke and Salmon for.
  4. Approved a county credit card with a $5000 limit. Karen Degges is to be the “internal control” and the card will be in Sharon Robinson’s name rather than in the name of Jasper County BOC. Approved 3-2 with Pennamon, Trammell, and Salmon for; Henry and Luke against.
  1. Financed $109,422 for a chassis and box remount of a current ambulance. Approved 5-0
  2. Financed $268,002 for a fire pumper. Approved 5-0.
  3. Appointed 6 members to the economic development authority—4 current members reappointed and 2 new members–Robert Jordan (Jordan Engineering who does work for the City, County, and Development Authority) and Waymond Cody (Monticello’s Water & Sewer director). Approved as a group 5-0
  4. Debris clean up from ice storm can allow the county to receive FEMA reimbursement of 75% of the cost. Approved spending up to $12,000 to come out of contingency 5-0.


  1. Landfill-Karen Degges says she went to look at old audits, back to 1996, and said the landfill has never made money. She estimates the landfill to cost $230,000 a year, even without the fiber situation. Yet, the budget includes an increase of $3 per hour (to $18 per hour) for her landfill operator that gets paid mileage and is put up in the hotel each week.


At 7:43PM went into what Comm. Trammell said would be a long Executive Session about Personnel and Legal issues.

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