June 6, 2014

Healthcare UP

As reported in our “BOC meeting highlights” blog, the BOC increased the county employees’ cost of health insurance by raising the deductible they pay from $1000 to $2500 and adding a $15 per pay period cost for their health insurance. This increase was approved 5-0.

What is really interesting is none of the employees were notified of this change and many of them found out by reading the blog or the article in the 6/5/14 edition of The Monticello News.Maybe the county manager and BOC thought they would wait to inform the employees after the public hearings on the budget when they no longer had a chance to air their opinions.

Here is the BOC discussion of this increase:

The discussion in the meeting included:

  1. Comm. Salmon asked about raising the deductible from $1000. By increasing the deductible to $2500, the county saves $37,500.

  2. The total deductible will be $4000, with the employee paying $2500 and the county paying $1500.
  3. Only 16 people went over the $1000 deductible in the 2013/2014 year.
  4. There are 90 employees on the county health plan. 40 employees have single coverage and the other 50 employees have spouse and/or family coverage which the county pays 50% of the cost. All employee coverage has been free of cost to the employees, including the commissioners who choose to have it.
  5. The BOC discussed charging $25 per pay period per employee for insurance. This would save approximately $58,500 plus the $37,500 saved by increasing the deductible. Total of $96,000 in savings to the county to offset a $70,000 cost increase.
  6. Comm. Henry made a motion to charge the employees $15 per pay period for their health insurance. 2nd by Comm. Luke. Comm. Trammell said this would be offset by doing away with furlough days. Passed 5-0
  7. Savings to the county would be approximately $73,000, offsetting the $70,000 annual increase of the cost of health insurance.

  8. The true out of pocket cost to the employee is now up to $2500 plus $15 per pay period.

When Comm. Trammell said at the 6/2/14 BOC meeting that the 1 mil increase in property taxes was needed to offset health insurance and furlough days, he was really joking. The insurance was offset as shown above and the furlough days cost is being taken out of the Curbside account.

Please forward this blog to any county employees that may not have gotten this information yet.

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