Complete Budget Hearing on Video
June 20, 2014


Your new tax burden

Your new tax burden

The following videos show the budget hearing held June 16 at 6:00PM. The 5 videos last a total of 30 minutes. If you watch the following videos you will get an understanding of how our BOC came to the conclusion a 2 mil increase was needed. There were not many cuts and there were lots of increases.

Part One—Chairman presents defense of 2 mil rate increase

Part Two—continued defense of 2 mil rate increase by Chairman.
At 4:12 Chairman gives trivia of value of houses in Jasper County, starting with 55% of the houses in the county are valued at $50,000 or less.


Part Three—Citizen speaks about people on fixed incomes. Where are they to find the money to pay the increase? With a 14% property tax increase and only a 7% increase in pensions and Social Security over the past 5 years, citizens will be hard pressed to pay the increase.


Part Four—Citizens speaks for “internet payment of property taxes” and questions a “negative appropriation” making the budget look $500,000 less than it really is. Also, how much is the debt appropriation for FY15– $145,000 or $206,000?

Part Five—Chairman’s closing comments on FY15 budget.  He says the total tax dollars will be the same as 2008, at least for him and the other 4 commissioners.


**In reality, this is the highest budget in Jasper County history with a record amount of property taxes levied –far above 2008 or 2009.

See detail here on what was cut and what was decreased.

The final budget hearing is June 26 at 6:00

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