September 8, 2014

 No Ambulance

On September 1st, there was a wreck on Hwy 16 E, in which a car went off the road, overturned, and landed on its top.



As reported in The Monticello News:

In one accident, Gromiko West was driving a 2006 Infiniti traveling east on Hwy. 16. He said the heavy rain caused him to lose control and the car overturned, coming to rest on its top. Because emergency officials were deployed elsewhere, rather than wait on an ambulance, they had family members transport them to a hospital, they said.

However, this isn’t then entire story. Sources tell us that it was not family members that drove Mr. West and his young daughter, both of whom had to crawl out of the car, but some good Samaritans that were passing by and saw the wreck.


In addition two (2) fire fighters on their way to a fire, came by the wreck, and told the victims that there was no ambulance available and it would take too long to get one there, and they should just drive to the hospital.


The good Samaritan(s) that had stopped, took Mr. West and his daughter to Putnam General Hospital in Eatonton. No ambulance ever came to the scene despite stories that are being circulated that the victims “refused treatment.”   We have been told that when the police arrived on the scene, no ambulance was enroute.


TWG has also learned that one Jasper County ambulance was at a fire and one was out on a medical call. Jasper County does participate in mutual aid with other counties, and an ambulance from Putnam, Newton, Butts, and others could have been called. What kind of liability would the county face if the wreck victims had been more seriously injured and were told to just drive to the hospital?

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  1. Ms. Webb says:

    I worked there in the EMS division. i was fired to be silenced, so I showed up as a citizen, NO ONE listened to me. I was the mockery, my children went through threats of harm from some of the “brave” individuals in the volunteer divisions in the county. So, what was it I was up against….. all of this corruption in the division, the good ol’ boy mentality…the lack of education that most people hold when it comes down to what it is they should know and their responsibility to know..well, that is just not convenient for them and there robbing of the time clock.. I addressed many state violations which could cost the county 10K a day. I addressed poor training in the personnel who helped or held positions of “power”. DO you know that if the state gets a hold of the roster for exactly how many volunteers there are in the fire division…you ISO numbers will go up and the county rating will go down the toilet….the rosters are doctored, or at least they were when I was in the county. THIS IS INSURANCE FRAUD. Do you know that if a person is not state certified and they die while working a fire in the county they are not covered by the fire fund, and it leaves the county in a massive grey area for a law suit with the family and the state. Just some things to think about….Do not privatize, revitalize what is already there. That was my last statement to the county and I moved.

  2. LR Short says:

    Jason says “Since I’m obviously an idiot, and not the trained economist that you certainly appear to be, tell me what YOUR answer is.”

    Jason, I most certainly do not think you an idiot, but I do ascertain from your discourse a total misunderstanding of local politics and the agenda driven purpose of those involved which is to be expected from someone who’s only been in the county 8 years, thus no fault of yours.

    And ,while I’m do not claim to be an economic expert on par with say Murray Rothbard ,Walter Block , Lew Rockwell ,Thomas Dilorenzo , Robert Higgs, Hans-Hermann Hoppe or any other world renowned Austrian economists, I do understand that credit is money, and allowing banks free reign though fractional reserve banking to increase the money supply at will only create more escalating debt backed by nothing but hope and roll of the dice is fiscally irresponsible and absolutely dangerous to economic stability as we now witness in real time. This entire global economic meltdown can be laid at the doorstep of an exceedingly corrupt world banking system driven by soulless ambition borne of unbridled avarice.

    As you seem to suggest at your despair of the state of the Monticello square scene, Jasper County is not alone .Over the past decade, I’ve visited many cities and small towns trapped in either the same piddling state of economic decline as Monticello or even further along the path to economic ruin .In the exploitation of the economically ignorant by financiers selling snake oil and fools gold circus arena, Jasper County has plenty of company.

    All revenue strapped towns and cities across the nation are desperate for the same thing; economic growth and bankers are more than delighted to oblige them with the public debt bombs to finance all their build it and all their dream will come true, but not before the tax bill to service their trusting endeavor into the realm of the absurdly stupid comes due,

    Markets are created by demand and demand is created by the decisions and judgments of individuals, thus no government agency can at any time accurately predict in what direction a population of individuals acting in their own self-interest will push the markets, therefore it is sheer lunacy to believe that a handful of credit pimps and their lackeys to be magically endowed with some sort of esoteric ability to precisely pick market winners and losers. In fact, according to past track records (e.g. ), the high-rolling debt dealers have been dismal failures in managing their own businesses, yet they command the steerage of economic development committees nationwide and no one raises and eyebrow even though the feckless approach the finance industry took with their capital risk led directly to the economic meltdown in 2008, just as they had been done in 1929. As Mark Twain once said “History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

    You ask, what I would do if I where a monarch for a day? A days work would not even begin to address the socioeconomic damage the finance industry in collusion with a puppet government of campaign finance tricks and a regulatory bureaucracy of imbecilic parasites have wreaked on this self-deluded and intellectually lazy nation though legislative crafted graft and mountains of onerous job killing regulation.

    That said, and sans typing a dissertation on the principles of free market capitalism I’ll highlight a few things I would do if I were king of Jasper County for one day.

    My first order of royal writ would be fire every private anti-property rights employee at Planning and Zoning, and rent the office space out to private (productive) enterprise. Property owners and only property owners should have the final say in all matters concerning the management of private property and not some power tripping, bed wetting control freak. Only in a free market driven economic atmosphere which allows the spark of entrepreneurial flame to grow to fire will a prosperous economy thrive .Command and control economies have been tried and proven a failure in such reckless experiments in stupid as the Soviet Union…so why continue with the central control is paramount to economic prosperity lies?

    My second order by royal writ would be to disband the P&Z committees and bar them upon pain of exile from ever meddling in the private affairs of Jasper county property owners again. Property disputes between land owners can be settled in civil courts sans the busybody snot-nosed whine of those that think bacon grows on trees and personal wealth is created by a village of bicycle riding, leotard clad effeminates huddled around green eggs, sipping cheap wine from expensive bottles while babbling nonsensical gibberish about smart growth plans for population increases that never came.

    My third order of business would be to defund, disband and then default on all contracts made by Development Authority of Jasper County and 4 County Development Authority. The taxpayers of Jasper County and only the taxpayers should decide by referendum what development gets their hard-earned seed capital and what return on investment is required. No corporation on earth can offer any guarantee of their continued financial success, but no one will hear this from the unicorns and rainbow peddlers at EDA. They’re all sycophantic cheers, bubbly champagne and awards dinners while the hapless tax burdened sucker slogging away from can’t see to can’t see is forced to pick up their tab, win lose or break even.

    I’ve yet to hear of one instance where the EDA has offered any local business a tax cut, a subsidy or any other form of skid grease for R&D, infrastructure expansion or even to hire more employees, but the debt pimps will knock their granny into a oncoming manure spreader to get the opportunity to pour millions into risky investments with any corporation that may or may not live up to it’s contractual agreement, but bet your butt stinging super-sized tax bill that the taxpayers won’t be allowed to skate on their debt bomb of a contract so easily. Corporations are represented by high-end lawyers while we the people are mostly represented by dim-witted puppets of the low end pasty faced doughboys

    .The chips are stacked in the corporations favor and when the tax bill comes due, there are a multitude of revenue starved municipalities across the nation that will gladly hand over millions in tax subsidies to finance the cost of new infrastructure requirements in order to sweeten the pot in persuading a suddenly tax burdened corporation to relocate. EDA is merely a free ride vehicle created by the corporate incorrigibles to pass the cost of doing business on to those desperate and gullible taxpayers who they know don’t possess the wherewithal to realize when they are being played as a sucker.

    My three royal writs would likely take the full 24 hours of my allotted one day and result in a great gnashing of teeth and renting of garments by fascist bent bureaucrats county –wide, but there it is.
    If you truly want a return to economic prosperity, we have to get the ignorant and tax fed bureaucratic parasite off the back of those productive citizens who want to and will create economic opportunities , but understandably so, don’t want to wade off into the regulatory red tape stank that is the pernicious P&Z.

    If we the people of Jasper county are to encourage those willing to create job opportunities using their own capital ( see Houston , Texas), we should eliminate all regulatory job creating restrictions including license requirements, permit fees, punitive inspections, and inventory and equipment tax for job creators , just like those requirements were wavered for the corporations now being subsidized with the millions of tax dollars confiscated from Jasper County taxpayers.

    In closing I’ll say this, if water was the key to economic prosperity, the Northeastern and the East North Central States would not now be known as the great American rust belt…

    For more on free markets versus state controlled markets see here:

    and here:

    “It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.”
    Murray N. Rothbard

    • taxdogs says:

      Hey, Lynn, You forgot about getting rid of JCWSA; thereby saving Jasper County citizens $42,900 a year for 31 more years plus any other amount they come begging for during that time. I would bet money it won’t be 2 or 3 years and they’ll be back telling the BOC that if they could just get another $50,000 it will be all they need and everything will be ok. We’ve heard it for 10 years and we’ll hear it for 30+ more years. All the while Trammell, Salmon, and the JCWSA will be plotting with EDA and David Dyer to foster more development in the north part of the county by running more water lines and incurring even more debt that can’t be supported, except by more tax increases on the property owners.

      This will be the last comment posted on this particular blog about “the ambulance not be available.” Thanks to everyone, and especially Lynn and Jason for some lively and thought provoking comments. TWG

  3. LR Short says:

    Jason says “I admit that I am no economist, …The study that you point to is 8 years old. I do hope, for all of our sakes, that someone has learned from those mistakes so that they are not repeated, but I do applaud someone for doing something. I haven’t heard any better ideas as to what we can do to attract new growth. I moved here because its slow and easy and I wanted out of south metro, but its like watching someone die a slow miserable death to see whats happening in this county.

    Jason , I have to admit I’m slightly discombobulated by your fervent attempt at justifying growth at any cost , especially in light of your admission to not being an economist, yet
    you want “someone” to do “something “ without any knowledge or evidence to substantiate that the person you so desperately seek to “do something” understands economics any better than yourself which is particularly relevant to the 4 year old Georgia Trends article you linked to.

    I note your disdain for the Good Jobs First study you seek to discredit as being “8 years old” even though it is backed by sound research, but I was truly flabbergasted that you would seek to counter the massive amount of research the Good Jobs First team has done in exposing the seedy side of the development authority racket by linking to a diaper load of fantasy put out by those in the public debt dumping business .i.e. FIRE sector.

    The two sources for the Georgia Trend article you linked were the Development Authority of Jasper County and Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce neither of which has an economist as a member , nor as I can tell has any member who understands the free market economies in any meaningful sort of way.

    Pretty much everything the Trend article blathers on about , Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority ( a private land development scheme that became a county liability) , tourism ( see Red Clay Café…city debt bomb) , Monticello Farms ( complete bust with tax money owed) have been a total failure that ended with the taxpayers being handed the stinky end of the stick while the puppet handlers laugh all the way back to their bank.

    Are these the people you want to continue to doing “something”, because if it is, you haven’t seen high taxes yet? And, make no mistake, it is this group of self-appointed Forward Jackasses that have planned, and planned our county into near economic ruin.

    I don’t want to seem unneighborly sir, but in your own words you sought escape from the rat race lifestyle of metro-Atlanta, but then you allude to missing the urban lifestyle so much that you wish to bring it here via taxpayer funded growth, regardless how the rural people whose families have been here for generation feel about urbanizing their ancestral landscape.

    And, this is the problem with the newly arrived. Soon they outnumber the native population at the voting booth and the local debt pimp pipers strike up smart growth tune and off the clueless urbanites go, marching to the same debt driven noise that they left the city to escape. I would say to those who miss the city-life, the road south also runs back north.

    I’m not saying the all urbanite transplants are bent on changing the rural landscape to fit the pattern of the consumer centered lifestyle left behind, but enough are to be a problem for we who still enjoy the country –side of life.

    That said, you will not find any material in Georgia Trend magazine supporting free market economies. If you truly wish to learn how free market economies work go here:

    “The market economy was not devised by a master mind; it was not first planned as an utopian scheme and then put to work.” Ludwig Von Mises

    If you truly desire a free and thus prosperous market economy you would be working to unhitch the regulatory yoke from around the neck of the creative and productive individual instead of granting even more control of the taxpayer purse to corporate sanctioned command and control bureaucratic parasites which are busy sucking the last drops of life-blood from a dying economy under the guise of so called economic development

    If not, keep believing fiction as fact. The market spirits have a brutal way of readjusting the markets to mean. ..e.g…

    Bet on it.

    • Jason says:

      There’s really not that much to be discombobulated about. I have lived here for 8 years. I have travelled through Monticello occasionally for many years before that. My recollections of the city square were much brighter than they are now. The square is now a dreary, depressing place to drive through with little reason to stop other than to pick up a new auto tag for the year. Since I have moved here, the Ga Pacific plant has closed to almost nothing, and there is no major employer in this county anymore. Nothing seems to have been done to replace it either.

      The Ga Trends article that I pointed to was an example of how other, less traditional ideas have also been tried, and miserably failed. I certainly didn’t mean to present it as a solution to anything. I do applaud them for trying, but it didn’t work out. Frankly, I could give 2 shakes less about building any sort of economy on art!!! My purpose for posting it is that while the traditional economy of manufacturing (in particular the GP plant) was drying up, nothing was being done to put those workers back to work. They were busy trying to attract artists, and upper income people who can afford million dollar homes, yet those blue collar guys and ladies who are doing the work, were out, and nothing was/is being done to put them back to work.

      Do I want Jasper County to look like Clayton County? Hell no. I moved away from all of that, but I think it is possible for Jasper County to find some sort of equilibrium. At least enough to support the families and citizens it has now. I would be curious to know first, how many people are out of work in this county, and of those who are working, how many work outside of the county. How many jobs does this county really offer? I’m sure the answer is out there in internetland somewhere, but I don’t have the time to sift through it.

      There is an industrial complex just north of the city that is sitting mostly empty. The reason that was given to me (so don’t take it as fact) that it is so empty is because there’s not enough water in the industrial park to support anything other than what’s there. I have NO desire to start a discussion about the water situation in this county, but regardless of whether its water, taxes, or some other reason for it to sit empty, the fact is, it is empty. Lots of potential sitting idle. The company that is there now makes insulated walls for freezers and employs somewhere around 15 people. Again, I don’t know this for fact, but this was supposed to be the single biggest private employer in the county. I assume they were talking about after GP, but regardless, if this is the #1 or #2 biggest private employer we have, I feel like there’s a problem.

      You point to some supposed “disdain” I have for the research that you put forth. You’re wrong. I appreciate the article, see the flaws in it (previous attempts, not flaws in the research), and as I stated before, I hope that whoever the powers that be are, in 8 years they managed to learn some lessons from other peoples mistakes, and were somehow able to keep it from happening again. I readily admit that I am not up on all the details of the Baxter deal to make an intelligent argument for it, but I have to hope that the system works. The deal was worked out by elected officials of this county, who were working on behalf of their constituency. Apparently those voters wanted something to be done to improve the work availability in and around this county. When I have time, I’ll research it and let you know if I have an opinion on whether it was “crony capitalism” or something else.

      One of my biggest gripes about TWG is that they complain and never offer solutions, so as far as the local economy is concerned, I’ll tell you what my solution would be. Lets put some folks back to work, and lets give them work within the boundaries of this county. Lets fill up the industrial park. Lets offer reasonable tax incentives to build your company here. No, I don’t mean offering $250,000 worth of incentives to park a single $25k/yr job here, but gov’t should encourage private growth (and I agree, not subsidize it). Lets build an infrastructure that will handle a little increased capacity. If that means they need more water, lets figure out what we need to do to put more water in the park. If we can get a few hundred workers in and out of that area each day, they will need the other services such as food, shopping etc, so I would expect that much of the area in and around the square would find new life. Jasper County will never look like a metro Atlanta county, nor would I stay if it did. I don’t care about malls, movies and 24 hour warehouse workout gyms, but it would be nice to be able to take a trip to town to get a pair of jeans, or even a box of nails. When most of my household hardware items are bought at a gas station or grocery store, something is amiss. In a county where 90% of the economy is based off of agriculture, we only have 1 feed/seed store now, (No offense to TNC), so obviously that economy isn’t exactly booming either!

      Since I’m obviously an idiot, and not the trained economist that you certainly appear to be, tell me what YOUR answer is. Do you believe the county is fine the way it is now? Would you encourage growth, or do you think we should stay where we are at now, or do you think all of us carpetbaggers should get out and leave y’all alone? Perhaps building a fence around the county to keep the rest of the world out? Ok, that was a cheap shot, but you get my point. If you could be monarch for a day, what would YOU do?

      • taxdogs says:

        You are right about Ga Pacific. What was done to try to keep them here? Or Feldspar, what was done to keep them (and all those jobs)? Jasper County is always looking for the new, the better instead of keeping what we have. $6,000,000 was given to Norton to bring them here. Great, but how long will they stay? Until the 10 years of tax incentives run out (as you mentioned about Henry County)? And the number of jobs they will provide will be between 40 and 90, depending on which report you read.

        You do have several things very wrong in your response about our county. The City provides water for the industrial park and not only that our leaders now tell us that park is full and they want to build another one somewhere. We also have two feed stores in the county–Town and Country and Monticello Farm & Garden. However, downtown does look bad with vacant buildings, etc., but no one can afford the ever rising utility rates.

        I do have a gripe about what you seem to have a problem with. You want TWG to do research and report AND give solutions. Do you ask the same of the Monticello News? TWG started long ago because the local paper doesn’t report on many things and does no investigative reporting.

        Will you take time to do any research, put it together, and try to educate the public? No, but you gripe because what TWG does do to help keep the citizens of this county informed doesn’t meet
        your standard of reporting. Again, try it yourself. Start attending meetings and work on your own blog. We would be glad to subscribe and get your help in being a voice in county. School Board meetings are rarely covered but about 55% of our property taxes go to them to spend. Can you start attending meetings and reporting on what happens there and maybe help hold them accountable?

        Thanks for all your input, but instead of asking everyone else for their solutions, what are yours?

      • Jason says:

        I told you in the previous post what I would do. If I could be king for a day, I would work on utilities in the city/county so that we could have an area of industrial growth. Not runaway growth, but at least enough to replace what we’ve lost. If I had to I would offer tax incentives to attract new companies to locate here. We can’t win geographically, so we have to do something to be competitive.

        You still never gave any sort of vision for where you think this county should be, and you never gave any answer for what sort of solutions you would bring to the table.

        I don’t know what, if anything was done to try and keep GP or Feldspar, but you said yourself that market conditions dictate manufacturing, and when the housing market dried up, so did GP. I don’t know much about Feldspar to comment. Since the market has said it doesn’t need those products anymore, I think its time to find something new to produce or manufacture. No, I don’t know what that is, but if my job was as a commissioner, I would put resources towards finding one.

        I will never stop griping about TWG when they present articles such as the one that started this entire exchange. They present themselves as some sort of authority, therefore I believe it is their responsibility to at least use some due diligence and vet out a few facts before publishing an article like this one. It was poor reporting, and it made several statements that I felt could have been answered definitively, instead of leaving open ended questions that are obviously intended to leave a certain impression on the reader. You’re right, the newspaper isn’t exactly hard hitting journalism either. One of the initial reasons I even replied to the original blog entry was because they were asking questions that I thought could easily have been answered if they made a phone call or 2. Just for the record, I still have 2 comments that are “awaiting moderation” that TWG hasn’t seen fit to post for me. I guess they like to have the last word.

        I truly believe that the biggest problem with both TWG, the newspaper, the BOC, and this county as a whole is that there is no clear direction that anyone wants to take things. The TWG doesn’t have a mission or purpose statement on its website. Is it simply a watchdog, reporting the facts to the readers to make up their own mind, or do they have a vision for where they would like to see the county go? The BOC (or its individual members) doesn’t seem to the average citizen (I’m considering myself average) to have a clear direction for where it wants to take the county. Are they for economic growth or not? There was a certain former commissioner who used to send out e-mails on a regular basis to keep folks informed. Not a single one of the current commissioners maintains a website, e-mail list, or even a Facebook page that I can find. If any of its out there, its not easy to find. They definitely seem to like being hard to access. To use a really old cliché, this county seems to be a ship without a rudder.

        Believe me, if I had the time to get involved to the degree that I want to, then I would. My life circumstances won’t allow me right now, as I’m only halfway to retirement, and I’m busy raising kids among other things. I don’t reply often (this was my first response to a blog post) but when I do, its because I see something that I see as a serious mistake or something that was unfair. I never intended to get into an economics discussion, but y’all asked, and I answered. Right or wrong, those are my opinions. Maybe in a few years I can throw myself towards becoming a civic watchdog of my own. Until then, I’ll just have to sit on the sidelines and comment when I see something that I know a little about (like public safety, not economics).

  4. L R Short says:

    Jason says- “A real tax base is industry. Manufacturing and processing. The type of business that brings in equipment and bolts it to the floor trains its employees to use it and wants to be in one place forever because it costs too much to move. The type of business that requires someone to do more than run a fork lift. Yes, this is the type of industry that requires infrastructure as part of their reason to locate somewhere. That means water, power, roads, and a minimum level of public safety.”

    Funny a discussion on the availability or lack thereof of ambulatory service to work a weekend wreck would detour off on a spiel about the need for economic development, but there it is. Jasper County can’t expect to have quality ambulatory service personal because the county lacks the tax base to pay the big bucks to attract the talent. And, that may be true , but then again there maybe those EMT’s that are sick of the urban environs with all the violence, drugs and traffic related carnage it entails and are most willing to take a cut in pay just to have the chance to get off the flight line of 24/7 grief .

    But, ambulatory service is not the subject that interests me in this give and take between TWG and Jason. I’m concerned with the demonstrable erroneous statement Jason makes claiming that manufacturing should be considered a permanent revenue generating fixture in a municipalities tax base , simply because the “equipment bolts to the floor.”

    Taking into account the hundreds of thousand of square feet of American manufacturing lost in the North and South East in the last two decades alone with the infrastructure demolished and the equipment unbolted from the floor and sold off to mainly Chinese buyers is ample enough proof to dispel that myth once and for all.

    Manufacturing is market driven which means that the markets will dictates who wins and who loses and not government, village plans nor smart growth left-wing moon bats.

    Just because the 4 County Development or Development Authority of Jasper county decides to gift a crony corporation with tens of millions of county tax dollars does nothing to guarantee the success or failure of that particular industry and as many manufacturers have shown, when the tax subsidized freebies run out and the tax bills come due, most corporation will unbolt their equipment for their taxpayer gifted infrastructure and relocate to another taxpayer funded location leaving the dumb-founded, and duped taxpayer in the with their uncompensated debt.
    It happens all the time.

    And, what of the claims made by Forward Jasper wherein the county is suffer a human wave of 10,000 people moving onto Hwy 142 in the next ten years, thanks to the Stanton Springs/Baxter Healthcare deal brokered by Four County Development and made possible by a 100 million dollar gift compliments of the Jasper County taxpayer?

    Has 4 County Development actually created jobs or just succeeded in relocating a horde of job seekers who will bring with them urban blight, high crime rates, traffic nightmares and super infrastructure needs along with the increased taxes needed to satisfy those increased infrastructure requirements?

    In my opinion the public debt dealers associated with economic development aren’t promoting prosperity .They are in fact selling the debt by which only financiers profit and the taxpayers get to pick up the bill.

    Bet on it.

    e.g. see here:

    and here:

    • Jason says:

      I think you may have slightly misconstrued what I said. Allow me to clarify that the statement that you quoted was a direct answer to a question that was posed to me. The question came from a passing statement that I made earlier in the discussion about how we do nothing to encourage a real tax base to provide services, yet complain that our taxes are too high. The point of all of that was if we want to maintain our rural lifestyle, we have to be prepared to do some things for ourselves. If we want better services, we should encourage growth, somewhere, somehow. I never intentionally tried to direct the discussion to economic anything.

      I also want to also clarify that I never said we had poor ambulance care, or that any of the folks on our ambulances are not capable or talented enough to do the job. TWG might have said it, but not me. In this particular case, what we had was a lack of ambulances. Not poor quality patient care. The point I was trying to make was that we can’t have more than 2 ambulances without spending money. TWG says we can’t seem to get enough paramedics here to keep the ambulances staffed at ALS levels full time. My point was that the pay is not there.

      All of that being said, I still stand by my statements and believe the best tax base is one that has strong manufacturing roots. I admit that I am no economist, and you are completely correct about manufacturing jobs leaving America and heading elsewhere. I’m sure finding all of the causes will be debated for some time. Whether its our disposable culture, the unions, taxes, or a combination of those and other factors, you’re right, its gone. I still believe the key to economic recovery is to figure out a way to bring it back.

      You’re also correct that many corporations unbolt and leave all the time. That’s my exact point when bringing up what has happened in Henry County for years. They chose “low impact” industries such as warehouses, and when the tax breaks left, so did they. I’m not familiar with biotech, but I wonder how portable some of these corporations are. Obviously, very portable, and easy to move.

      I grew up in south metro Atlanta. I think of places like the Sherwin Williams plant in Morrow, or Atlas Roofing, and KIK in Hampton, or Bio Lab in McDonough. These are large employers. I’m pretty sure the biggest employer in Clayton is probably still the airport, and Henry’s biggest employer is probably one of the large warehouses, or the hospital, but Jasper doesn’t have the geographic advantage to be a shipping hub, nor does it have a large hospital, so what does that leave us with (if we hope for any sort of economic expansion)? Simply putting up some signs declaring us the deer capital of the state isn’t going to draw anyone in. If you ask me, we should try to attract some sort of company, or industry that puts down BIG roots and plans to stay for a long time.

      The study that you point to is 8 years old. I do hope, for all of our sakes, that someone has learned from those mistakes so that they are not repeated, but I do applaud someone for doing something. I haven’t heard any better ideas as to what we can do to attract new growth. I moved here because its slow and easy and I wanted out of south metro, but its like watching someone die a slow miserable death to see whats happening in this county.

      So, what is your answer? Should we leave it alone, and be happy with what we have, and not complain when we don’t have enough services? What do you think we should do?

      Read this and let me know how this approach worked out?

      Finally, as a side note, I left 2 other responses to the previous exchanges that are still awaiting “moderation” by the TWG. Wonder why they haven’t posted.

  5. Jason says:

    Wow! I cannot believe that this passes for any sort of responsible reporting. Nothing in this story is even trying to be reported as facts. Only unnamed sources. You should really try to find out what, if any, calls, or arrangements were being made during this time to handle the call volume. Try contacting the 911 center and ask if any requests for aid were put in, and what response they received. If you put in a request for answers to your questions, and they refuse to answer, then put in your report that they refused to answer your questions!

    First, who says other counties were NOT called? How come someone has to have “dropped the ball” as Gayle so politely put it? According to the newspaper article, there were no less than 9 calls going on within an hour that required Fire/EMS. I’m sure whoever was working the Fire/EMS radio that day was busy keeping up with what was going on. Who knows what the call volume was on the Sheriff’s side. How many extra folks work at dispatch that would have even been able to make those calls for aid during such a hectic time?

    Second, even if other counties were contacted, they are under no obligation to send help just because we called. Their first priority is to their own citizens, and if this same storm that caused havoc in Jasper County was causing issues in other counties, it is entirely possible, or even likely that their own EMS system was taxed and they were unable to send any help. Again, we don’t know because you never asked.

    Third, as for whether it was the right thing to do to tell the victims of the accident to take themselves to the hospital, exactly what else could they have done? Both ambulances were out on calls. Neither of them can leave their calls. Speaking of liability, can you imagine the liability on the county if someone at the fire was to be injured after the ambulance was sent to another call? Lets look at what was reported. They were able to self extricate from their accident. They were apparently able to walk and talk, and make decisions for themselves. This means there were no apparent life threatening injuries. Yes, they needed to be seen to make sure they had no internal bleeding, or closed head injuries, but in the case of both of these, time is absolutely of the essence. Is it better to tell someone to make the trip on their own, or wait 45+ minutes for a truck to arrive, and THEN take them to the hospital?

    TWG, exactly what is YOUR answer to this problem? I’m going to assume it is to privatize, because somehow that would have provided more ambulances to cover the county. I doubt that a private service would have been able to respond any quicker, and you’ll have to prove it to me if that is in fact the case. Sometimes bad weather, or other extraordinary circumstances happen which tax the ability of a county or system to respond. We live in a rural area where one or two bad calls is all we can handle at one time. We complain that we don’t have proper services, yet we don’t want to pay more taxes to cover additional services. We complain that residents are taxed too heavily, yet we do nothing to attract industrial development to create a REAL tax base that provides those services because we want to “maintain our rural lifestyle”. Part of our rural lifestyle is sometimes having to do things for ourselves, even if that means hitching a ride to the hospital.

    There’s really only 2 solutions to this problem. One is to just realize that crap happens, and sometimes the system will be stressed and even occasionally fail. The other is to spend money to put another ambulance in the county, and more dispatchers at the radios.

    • Just Askin' says:

      Isn’t it amazing that you and others want TWG to find out all these facts, list names, get information, but never whimper when what is passing for a newspaper in this county puts out wrong or mostly wrong information?

      • Jason says:

        I never said the paper was a great source for information, but it is the source that TWG is using for its information for this piece. If the paper is so bad at reporting, than TWG should do a little investigating of its own before printing this type of article, otherwise the paper is the defining source of information since it is the only thing that was used. The point of my post was that at least SOME of this information is easy to find out, such as putting in a request with the 911 center to find out what was being done during a certain time.

      • taxdogs says:

        Why trust 911 information when it is easily altered by the Fire Chief’s wife –who just happens to be the 911 Director?????

    • taxdogs says:

      Spending more money on more ambulances might not help in Jasper County. Right now we have one ambulance operating as a BLS because so much “crap happens” at EMS that we don’t have enough parademics willing to work or that our “leaders” at Fire/EMS like and allow to work. (BLS is Basic Life Support)

      Jason, your comment that as long as someone can get out of the wreck by themselves and walk around must mean they have “no life threatening injuries” shows you have little medical knowledge. We have a citizen of Jasper County that did just that after a wreck and 2 days later was in the Macon hospital, and not long after that both of his legs had to be amputated. Fortunately for the county, in his case an ambulance did arrive on the scene.

      Lastly, what is a REAL tax base? Places like Newton County and Henry County have a REAL tax base with businesses, industry, and more. Yet, the citizens are paying as much or more for property taxes as ever. Why? Because all this growth (that is going to save us all and let us pay less tax, so we are told) brings more traffic–so we need more road repair; more people–so we need more schools and more emergency services; more crime, etc.

      • Jason says:

        Spending more money on ambulances also involves spending more money to staff them. Nobody in EMS expects to make $35 an hour working at a county as slow as this one, but the simple fact is money talks. If more pay was offered, then more paramedics would apply to staff those trucks and keep them as ALS trucks.

        Again, instead of using only part of my quote, please use the full quote. I said it means he had “no ‘apparent’ life threatening injuries”, with emphasis on the word apparent. That means they weren’t bleeding to death, missing limbs, extra holes, or had anything sticking in or out of them that wasn’t supposed to be there. I also followed that up with the statement that they should still go get checked out for life threatening injuries that weren’t obvious, which is why time was of the essence in that particular case, and was my exact argument for why it was probably best for them to go on their own instead of waiting for an ambulance. Don’t presume to know what my level of medical knowledge is. Even high schoolers are taught in CPR class about the golden hour.

        Finally, a REAL tax base is one that cannot pick up and move. I cannot speak for Newton, but Henry does not have a real tax base, which is why their property taxes are so high. They have built their tax base off of warehouse and retail space. They give tax incentives to those businesses to move in, then when the incentives expire, they load up and move somewhere else. Thats what warehouses do… move stuff. They’re good at it. A real tax base is industry. Manufacturing and processing. The type of business that brings in equipment and bolts it to the floor, trains its employees to use it and wants to be in one place forever because it costs too much to move. The type of business that requires someone to do more than run a fork lift. Yes, this is the type of industry that requires infrastructure as part of their reason to locate somewhere. That means water, power, roads, and a minimum level of public safety.

        Again, I asked, and you offered no answer for what should have been done in this particular case. You have thrown red herrings to change the argument, but did not answer my question directly. You have found more stuff to complain about, but still no answers.

        Thanks TWG for a job well done!

      • taxdogs says:

        Answer to your question–hire qualified people for EMS & Fire, not people that have been let go from other counties, to lead. Make the rules apply to everyone, not just people Jarret Slocumb and his wife don’t like. Get rid of people that can’t do the job instead of keeping them because they are your buddy. Actually have qualified people to lead–such as a paramedic as EMS director, not an EMT, which by the way was a requirement for the job.

        Since you seem to know so much about the situation where the wreck victims were told to just go ahead to the hospital on their own–with total strangers that stopped by– do you think this could be considered patient abandonment?

  6. Gayle says:

    Why did we not call in another county? Who dropped the ball on this ? This is terrible.

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