September 10, 2014

BOC meeting

Following are notes from the BOC meeting. We will get out more details on some of the issues in the following days.

Chairman Gene Trammell was absent, no explanation given. All votes were 4-0 during meeting.


There was a 45 minute presentation on “Paved Road Reclamation” by The Miller Group, Joe Vail. Two roads, Dumas Road and Jones Road, in the south part of the county below Hillsboro were discussed and used as examples. Both Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Trammell have pushed these 2 roads over and above roads in the county that are used by 100’s of cars each day. According to Mr. Vail, the side ditches are not draining properly and water is holding on the road and not running off. This is the main problem all over the county. He also stated that Jasper County should maintain their roads from beginning by sealing cracks and grading shoulders. He said the county was throwing money away to resurface roads, instead they have to address problems and not keep doing same thing. (These are things that have been discussed and tried repeatedly by commissioners for the last 15+ years. Maybe it is time to privatize Public Works since we continue to have the same problems year in and year out.)


When the meeting started Karen Degges introduced Mike Benton, the new Financial Director. “We’re excited he’s on board with us,” she said.

Karen Degges then informed the BOC that Pam Meyer couldn’t be there and wanted the Facebook presentation and discussion tabled.


Two citizens, Mary Ann Hyde, from ASWA, and Mark Smith, a resident of Rollingwood Cove spoke during citizens comments about the BOC dealing unfairly with the Alcovy Shores Water Authority.  (A separate blog will be sent out on this.)


The following issues were approved 4-0: 

The new Ag Extension Agent was introduced. Trey Gafnea was coming to Jasper from the  Meriwether County office. He has worked on ranches and farms and graduated from Berry College. He will start 10/1/14 in Jasper County.


DFCS Board Appointment—this item was tabled because no one had applied.


Alcovy Water Authority Board Appointments—The county attorney said his recommendation was to wait until 2015 and make appointments next June 2015. Karen Degges said she had Juanita Gazaway’s resignation letter in her hand. The BOC approved Ruth Wimberly to replace Ms. Gazaway on the ASWA board. (A separate blog will be sent out on this with more details and video.)


Fire Station Roof Bid Review—The bids came in too high so Karen Degges wanted to rebid and “slightly modify” the gauge of metal for the roof.  Approved.


2015 LMIG (Road) Work – Mark Whitley, the county engineer was not at the meeting. This is the 2nd time he has not come and been on the agenda. Karen Degges told the BOC she had sent him several emails about the meeting. Several roads were discussed that could use LMIG (State) funds and the BOC wanted Mr. Whitley to check these, do core samples, and let them know which roads should be done. Karen Degges did make a comment that “if he [Mr. Whitley] is too covered up we can find someone else.” She said the county can use Triple Point, the firm that is doing the landfill work. Betty Jean Jordan (Robert Jordan’s wife) is the point engineer for Jasper County for Triple Point. Comm. Pennamon makes motion to do RFP for County Engineer. Approved.   (TWG wonders if any commissioner has actually talked to Mark Whitley to find out why he wasn’t at the meeting. There could be something other than he just didn’t show up.)


Comcast Service Agreement – County Facilities Network—Karen Degges started off by saying “this is not to watch TV in BOC office.” (If not, why is it part of the contract?) Ken Holmes with Selective Solutions presented the information to the BOC. He told them they would have to sign a contract, then they [Comcast] will do the site survey. He said this would let Comcast know they were serious about doing something. This would be a VOIP system and would save from $1500-$1800 per month (note: not $3000 that the County Manager told the BOC it would save monthly).   The BOC voted to get the county attorney to look at the contract and bring it back to the BOC. ( A separate blog with video will be sent out with more detail on this issue.)


Firefighter Turnout Gear Request for Purchase Jim Gregory (Fire/EMS Director) presented this and didn’t seem to know what he was talking about. He started off by saying Jarret Slocumb had asked him to come. Every question that was asked was met with “Jarret says.”  When asked what was being bid on (obviously the BOC didn’t have anything in front of them) Mr. Gregory said the “thought” it would be boots, pants, jackets, helmet and shield. Karen Degges then chimed in and said they can email the BOC with specs. (WHY isn’t this in front of the BOC now anyway? These guys seem to like being in the dark and looking dumb.) Comm. Pennamon asks if will cover all 7 stations. Gregory said that is what he understood from Jarrett, for active fire fighters in county. Comm. Luke wanted to know how many Fire Fighters were at each station–by station. Mr. Gregory said he would send them an email with what is included in the bid and the information Comm. Luke wanted. Approved to go out for bid.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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