Can We Do Something about Problems in Jasper County, GA?

JC CourthouseYesterday I attended a workshop in DeKalb County hosted by a group called Restore DeKalb.  This meeting was about all the corruption in DeKalb County, how the Board of Commissioners and others in charge turned a deaf ear and a blind eye, how the DeKalb County School system is losing $100,000,000 a year because it is considered a “rich county”, and what the plan of action had to be to Restore DeKalb and the public trust.

Each day we read of corrupt politicians on all levels of government.  Our Governor has serious ethical charges; our Attorney General was just fined for lack of openness and transparency (the very things he ran on to obtain the job), judges are being removed from their positions, county officials are going to jail for various reasons.  These are just here in the State of Georgia.  The Federal government is even more corrupt.  Yet, many of us wonder why nothing is being done.  We sit back and hope something will happen, but we do nothing ourselves.

Here in Jasper County we have problems as well.  Our BOC just raised our taxes 2.15 mils with excuses that just don’t wash.  We wonder where all our tax money goes as we drive down poor roads.  The people in the City of Monticello just had a utility rate increase in June and the City Council is already thinking about raising it again.  We have county employees that come and go as they please while making high salaries and are accountable to no one.  JCWSA just got a $50,000 bail out from all of us, if we are on their water lines or not.  Our county manager is adding on debt through our SPLOST funds instead of buying what can be paid for with the available funds.  Bear Creek Reservoir is back on the radar in Newton County.  We must do something about these issues; not just TWG, but all of us that pay property taxes. 

We think there should be a Citizen’s Town Hall meeting.  We need to have this meeting, discuss the problems in Jasper County, and form a plan of action during the first week of October (before early voting starts).  We have looked for a place to have this meeting, and at present the “old school” across from Rose Bowl field in Monticello is available.  If anyone knows of another place that would hold (hoping for) 100 people, please email and let us know where it is and how much it would cost.  We would like to meet somewhere that people from all parts of the county can get to and attend.  Also, if you would be willing to attend, just send an email and state YES--please add any topics you would like to discuss so we can have the information available.  We would like to have some idea of how many people are interested.  (Please forward this blog to your friends and neighbors as well.) This will be your time to put your 2 cents worth in–instead of just complaining.  We can have a plan to get things done–the way the people of this county want them done.

I found the following article this morning.  I have put up excerpts from that article and have included a link to the entire article.  Take time to read it.

Mary Patrick

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Equal application of Constitutional Law has been systematically replaced by ill-advised concepts of “social justice”“justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society – individuality gives way to the struggle for social justice.” (aka Marxism)

Can average Americans really save their Constitution, their Bill of Rights and freedom at this late hour? Do they have the power to overcome the corrupt anti-American federal juggernaut they have allowed to seize control over every aspect of American life?

 The judiciary is the true enemy of “justice” in America and the author and enforcement branch for “social justice.”

Only the average American can save the Constitutional Republic today and they will work against all three branches of the Federal government, most State governments, all Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies and the mass media in that effort. They may even face their own military at some point in the process, if they do not act swiftly and decisively and very soon.


  1. Unless the people are going to hold existing public sector criminals fully accountable for their anti-American actions, they are wasting their time to try anything else. At the end of the day, career political criminals must be held fully accountable under the Rule of Constitutional Law or there is no such thing as Constitutional Law. It makes no difference who we elect if we are not going to hold them accountable for what they do after the election.
  2. Law suits in federally controlled courts will not solve the problem. State level enforcement of State and Individual Rights can save this Republic, state-by-state.
  3. The people must vote, as the democratic process is like a muscle that once atrophied and lost, will never be regained. However, the people can no longer rely on this process as a means of solving our problems. The system is far too corrupted. They cannot afford to play 3rd party fantasy games at this critical moment in history. They must use all available avenues to remove the worst criminals from power at every opportunity. All 3rd party efforts only dilute that effort.
  4. The people MUST lay down their individual agendas and UNITE in force to make the above items a reality, or there will be nothing they can do to save the Republic after the November 2014 elections.

Can average Americans save their Constitutional Republic at this late date? The answer is YES! Will they? – is a question yet to be answered.

ONLY the average American can save the Constitutional Republic and they can only do it by taking the right corrective measures, making it personal, and working with others to make it a reality. We cannot beat this by joining it. We cannot win by waiting for anyone else to do it.


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