Can this group of commissioners get any more sneaky and devious? More help for JCWSA

October 10, 2014



After everyone at the town hall meeting told the 3 commissioners present to quit dealing with JCWSA, what did they do? Oh, they went and figured out another way to help JCWSA out. The county is going to take over the billing for JCWSA. The agenda says “discussion, presentation, and even a work session”, but we all know this has been discussed over the telephone and email for a while among the BOC, County Manager, and JCWSA. This shows that the BOC has no intention of listening to the people of this county (one of the main complaints at the Town Hall meeting).

Here’s the BOC Agenda notice that the meeting will be on a Wednesday night, which is church night. Maybe they figured they could sneak it all by the citizens by holding it on a Wednesday night 10/15/14 instead of waiting until 10/20/14, the normal 2nd meeting night. This notice wasn’t posted until Friday night, another intentional attempt to keep the public from knowing about it.


This Board of Commissioners is the sneakiest and most devious group of commissioners we have ever had! And yes, Comm. Luke, there are commissioners (Trammell and Salmon) who ran to screw the county over, but now it appears you and Comm. Henry have joined them in screwing the county. Comm. Pennamon has always been right there ready to give JCWSA money and anything else they have ever wanted. Why should we expect anything but a 5-0 vote?

Is Karen Degges going to get to hire another employee just to help out JCWSAanother buddy of hers? Instead, maybe Sharon Robinson could actually do something once in a while—like work one day a month billing (her words at the BOC meeting) for JCWSA. We certainly don’t need any more high priced employees in the BOC office sitting around doing little work, but maybe the County Manager can convince the BOC that this will “save the county money” (her favorite saying when trying to convince the BOC to do something she wants).

At present, the City of Monticello does the billing for JCWSA for $1800 a month. They also do all the taps and repairs that they can do for JCWSA and bill for that. The City doesn’t want to do it anymore. Why? Maybe because they never got paid on a timely basis. Want to know when the City finally got paid by JCWSA? Not until after the BOC gave JCWSA $50,000. So how often will the County get paid—or will this be another one of those things all the taxpayers of Jasper County (including you folks in the City that already pay high prices for your water and sewer) get to do to “help out JCWSA?”

Based on the agenda, the meeting starts at 5:15PM for a “work session” about the billing. JCWSA has enough money to hire Frank Sherrill, their long time engineer for $500 a month to be a liaison between JCWSA, the County, and the City. JCWSA needs to subcontract their work out and the county needs to get out of the business of holding JCWSA’s hand. With a $50,000 bail out and a 31 year agreement to continue funding them, you would think the BOC had done enough!


Folks, this is one meeting you need to show up for! Please try to make it! Please, pass this along to your friends and neighbors!


Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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5 Responses to Can this group of commissioners get any more sneaky and devious? More help for JCWSA

  1. Local Goon says:

    Who did he attack?

  2. Will says:

    I just read the paper. It says Commissioner Trammell said it is ok to raise taxes because my property value is down. What moronic logic. I did hear him say 1+1 is always 2 as an excuse for the commissioners always voting 5-0. The reason they vote 5-0 is because none of them can think for themselves.

    • taxdogs says:

      Will, I also read the paper and it says the meeting erupted into chaos several times. Any citizen that attended, please respond to that comment in the paper. If 2 people try to speak at once, is that chaos? Did I miss something?

      • Joe says:

        I didn’t see any chaos until the end when the guy in the back said TWG was attacking people and then he went on the attack. Did you notice that the 20 minutes discussion about Jasper County Water wasn’t even covered in the paper? Nothing unusual there.

  3. cheryl nowetner says:

    I might have to amend my guess. I said 3 months and the “best board of commissioners ever” will be hearing JCWSA begging for more money; it just might be sooner than that. JCWSA needs to be thrown under the bus they have NEVER made a profit and never will.

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