November 4, 2014


Today the injunction against the Jasper County BOC and JCWSA was heard at 9:45am by Judge E. Trenton Brown III. Attorneys James Alexander and David Ozburn both represented the BOC with Attorney Russell Thomas representing JCWSA. Karen Degges and Frank Sherrill were present in the courtroom with their attorneys.

Mr. Ozburn immediately requested the Judge to dismiss the case stating that “absolutely no action had been taken” concerning the BOC and JCWSA, and that the injunction would stop the BOC from doing something they were allowed to do. Mary Patrick rebutted with arguments. The Judge questioned why this was an emergency, and Mrs. Patrick explained that the BOC had put the issue of “JCWSA Billing Proposal” on the agenda last night (11/3/14), and then tabled it at the meeting. She brought out other issues in the written injunction as well.

Judge Brown said he would do his own research and take the motion to dismiss under advisement and would rule quickly.

Mr. Charles Forsythe was allowed to video the hearing, so portions of it will be posted when we receive the ruling. You can check his site here.

As a note, JCWSA called a meeting last night and met at 6:00PM in Executive Session. Mr. Frank Sherrill (JCWSA engineer and now consultant and liaison for JCWSA) was seen leaving the courthouse yesterday evening at 5:30PM before the 6:00PM BOC meeting. Comm. Henry, Comm. Trammell, and Karen Degges were present in the BOC meeting room before 5:30PM.

During the BOC meeting last night Comm. Trammell repeatedly spoke of “meeting this morning” and “while I was here this morning” and “when we met this morning.” After the meeting he was questioned by Mary Patrick as to who met that morning. Comm. Trammell, Comm. Salmon, Karen Degges, Jim Alexander and David Ozburn all met yesterday morning to decide their plan of action which obviously included removing the “JCWSA Billing Proposal” off the agenda and then using that as a defense in court that the BOC had taken “absolutely no action.”

Thank you to everyone that attended the hearing as well to those that stopped by the courthouse after the hearing was over. We will keep you posted!

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Citizens, be informed and stay informed! Only by being informed can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County. That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. RU Kidding says:

    Thank you Mary for taking the bull by the horn and looking out for us taxpayers. Thank you for the many hours spent on behalf of us.

    It is laughable for the BOC attorney to say that absolutely no action has been taken. This has been discussed during a BOC meeting in August. During the October BOC meeting JCWSA made a presentation and discussed a deadline. The billing, customer service and running of the authority was to begin January 1, 2015. There is a lot of education and training, (not to mention software) that need to be in place before January 1 to perform the tasks.

    Mr. attorney, I give you five pinocchios.

    P.S. I bet there will be at least one emergency BOC meeting soon to get this rammed through.

  2. Gay Morrison says:

    It was very obvious Monday night that taking that off the agenda had a purpose. Now we all know why. I hope that the judge is able to see what this BOC is up to. I hope that he understood that prior to the 6:00pm meeting Monday night it was an emergency and that by tabling the discussion they were trying to pull the wool over every ones eyes and look innocent. We all know there is nothing innocent about this BOC and our so called County Manager, Karen Degges, is right in the middle helping them with all their deceptions. Don’t even get me started on that pompus you know what that can not speak 5 words without saying um. In my life experiences, someone that says um 61 times in 5 minutes, and yes I counted them for 5 minutes Monday night, is usually having a hard time speaking because what they are saying is not truthful.

    Let’s all pray that Judge E. Trenton Brown III takes enough time to look at the all the facts and history of what has been going on and rules in favor to putting all of this to a stop once and for all for us the taxpayers of Jasper County.

    Good job Mary!! Good job Mr. Forsyth!! I may not have been able to be there physically, but I was in mind and soul.

    PS: I do not mind sharing who I wrote in on my ballot yesterday instead of marking an unwanted for for Craig Salmon. I wrote in “A Rattlesnake” As stated befor a rattlesnake has more integrety than Craig Salmon.

    • Sam says:

      Between the “um’s” and “you know’s” it is at times difficult to follow the county manager’s conversation. She seems to have a need to interject her view every time someone is speaking. Very annoying.

  3. Julia M Haar says:

    THANK YOU, Mary Patrick for your tenacity and perseverance in continuing to serve the constituents of Jasper County by your repeated attempts to bring much needed transparency and accountability to a dysfunctional and corrupt political system. Julia Haar

  4. They may get away with deception because they hold the power here, but they have a higher power to answer to when they leave this earth, god knows the heart and any wrong doing behind it.

  5. James Kelly says:

    Thank you Mary for standing up for the citizens of Jasper County!!

  6. gayle gray says:

    Thanks Mary. Sorry I could not attend but had a business appointment with a customer.

  7. sabrinaworks247 says:

    I am so proud of you!

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