November 7, 2014


TWG has received information that there was a fire this past weekend at Oldcastle in Shady Dale.  According to this information, the Oldcastle fire began on Saturday, Nov 1st around 3 pm.

Two men, who are not members of Jasper County’s volunteer fire departments nor have they fought a fire in “years” (according to a social media post), were allowed to stop at a dangerous fire as someone just passing by and climb aboard county equipment and fight a fire. This was all done under the supervision of Fire Chief Jarret Slocumb.


What is wrong with someone stopping to help? The help might have been needed, but the county could be liable for any problems, including the huge liability if these two men had gotten hurt or even killed on the scene.

Additionally, many volunteer firefighters might find this offensive, since over the past several months Chief Slocumb and his cronies have made it their personal mission to “out” and discipline firefighters if they don’t like them, or if they feel they might tell someone in the county what is actually going on.

Sources tell TWG that EMS employees and Fire volunteers have all been threatened with their jobs by Fire/EMS Director James Gregory, Fire Chief Jarret Slocumb, and County Manager Karen Degges if any one of them dare tell someone about problems at EMS and Fire.

The rules never have applied to everyone at Fire/EMS; they only apply to volunteers and employees that are not close friends of the little click (the “special cronies”). Chief Slocumb claims the rules are for everyone’s “safety,” but when you ride by Station 3, look and you just might see the Slocumb children running around playing in the fire station bay or even on the equipment itself.  Obviously, Fire/EMS Director James Gregory thinks this is ok since he allows it to continue.

There are still many good volunteers who are overlooked and under appreciated; but many great volunteers that could have been such good assets to our community have left the Jasper County fire service because they are sick of what goes on and won’t participate anymore. Wouldn’t it be great to see Jasper County Fire/EMS return to a system that welcomes all who contribute, not just the ones certain people want there?  That can only happen with new leadership at Jasper County Fire/EMS.



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  1. Roger Resseau says:

    However, the ideas of only “professionally trained” individuals respond to various “emergencies” is what got us to the present legal mess we (as a country), are in. One’s common sense should prevail when exposed to a fire etc, whether he be trained or not. Whatever happened to one’s self-sufficiency in this Country? Is this not part of our problems-leaving major decisions to “non-elected” bureaucrats versus our elected representatives that are supposed to be responsible to voters.
    There’s might just be an ounce of truth in Gruber’s “Americans are too stupid” statements.

  2. pablo says:

    If someone helps that’s great however she’s absolutely right if those people would have been injured then what. The article is right you need different administration in place if your ever going to move forward and be looked at as anything other than a joke on the ems side

  3. Larry Nalls says:

    My thanks to those 2 people. Don’t complain about Everything.

    • Dana says:

      If those two people wanted to help then they could have passed out water or food or helped in some other way. They shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in such a dangerous scene. That’s what training is for. Anything could have happened to these two men and then who would have been responsible? It was careless on the behalf of them and definitely careless and unacceptable for Chief Slocumb.

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