November 12, 2014

Mailbox numbers Oct2014

There have been many complaints about the lack of code enforcement, especially in the Turtle Cove, Rollingwood Cove, and Alcovy Shores areas.

At the October 15th BOC meeting, the County Manager told the BOC there were 5 active code enforcement investigations at Turtle Cove. This appeared to be said to impress the BOC that despite complaints, something was actually being done by Code Enforcement. However, when open records were requested for citations on these investigations, the answer we got back was, “while these are active investigations, they are not at the stage where citations have been issued.  Therefore, there are no records responsive to your request.”  

 There are no citations, just investigations. There are no logs for our code enforcement officer, people can’t find her in the office nor can we find out what she does because of lack of citations, but the BOC is assured she works.  This BOC never asks questions and never asks for any documents or details about anything they are told or led to believe.

Recently, the building inspector (Brad Cherry) was acting as the code enforcement officer and wrote a citation to a citizen because the house numbers were not on the side of the mailbox. You can’t see the side of this mailbox when you look at it because it is at the bottom of a hill in a cul-de-sac.  (You would have to drive up to this mailbox like a mailman would to see the side of it.)  Numbers were placed above the mailbox so EMS, Fire, Police, Mailman, etc. could see them when they came down the hill.

So now there are numbers on the side of the mailbox and above the mailbox as shown in the picture above. This issue was of utmost importance to code enforcement!

Now let’s look at some things Code Enforcement hasn’t bothered to do anything about for years—

Burned out house on Hwy 212 W that has been sitting for almost 1 ½ years

Burned out house on 212

Burned out house on County Line Rd. that has been sitting 4+ years

County Line Rd Burned out house2 2014

Extreme code violations –industrial site in residential area on Stag Run Dr. that has been having buildings, etc. added over several years despite complaints.

Stag Run 3 Industrial Site in R3 2014 Pole Barn.Equip

Safety violations—tree across trailer for almost a year, and yes people did live here! Tree across Trailer 2 RWC Oct2014

House covered and hidden with weeds and overgrowth for many years

Grown up house2 Oct2014

Trailer without windows and broken windows

Trailer broken out windows Oct2014 RWC

These are just a very few of the problems that people that live nearby have to look at every day and that cause their property values to decrease.

These blighted and burned-out properties are eye sores and bring down surrounding property values.  Most of these properties are in the same neighborhood as the “mailbox violation” that was given a citation!

Citizens of this county should not have to tolerate something like this being next door or in their neighborhood for a year, or two, or more. That’s the reason for code enforcement.


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  1. Alan Cox says:

    Thank you.

    Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014 23:04:54 +0000 To:

  2. RU Kidding says:

    Common sense is becoming more and more uncommon.

    What is the purpose of house numbers being on the side of the mailbox if the sides cannot readily be seen? This is a low hanging fruit as far as fines are concerned. This takes all but a couple of minutes and voila, a fine is issued, a day’s work is done.

    It is easier to fine someone for something as ridiculous as this than it is to find the owners of burned out homes and do something about it.

    Government gone wild.

  3. Linda Miller says:

    We have an abanded trailer on Meadowlark to that has been a dumping ground for trash and a terrible looking trailer for years and nothing has been done about it…we live off Wren Ct and have to drive by it every time we go anywhere. I find it discussing that our property values can be affected by this too.

    • taxdogs says:

      Can you send us a picture of that trailer? And any other long standing problems code enforcement refuses to address. A citation can be given without a fine. The citation gives so many days to clean up the property, then fines are levied. Not in Jasper County.

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