December 16, 2014

The BOC meeting last night started out on a defiant note and ended the same way.


King Trammell’s Crown


All the commissioners that attended last night’s meeting arrived before 5:30PM for a 6:00PM meeting as did the county attorney, James Alexander. Doug Luke was absent from the meeting.

During the half hour before the meeting when citizens were arriving, there was discussion between BOC members. There was discussion about adding items to the agenda and what they were and what was involved. Comm. Trammell talked about how he had met with Keith Ellis, Newton County Chair, at the bridge on Pitts Chapel Rd. at the county line. After about 10 minutes of this, mostly between Comm. Pennamon and Comm. Trammell, Comm. Henry asked if they should be discussing this before the meeting started. Comm. Trammell paid no heed to Comm. Henry or to his remark.   When questioned by a citizen about it, Comm. Trammell turned and raised his voice, saying, “Seriously!?!” The response was, “Yes! Seriously! There is a quorum and you shouldn’t be discussing business before the meeting.” Again, Comm. Trammell paid no heed to that either, turned around and started talking with Comm. Pennamon about the CIE (another item on the agenda) and the strategic plan and how it all had to fit together with Forward Jasper.

Comm. Trammell somehow thinks he is above the law, and the county attorney winks and goes along. Comm. Henry and Comm. Salmon did not participate in this conversation, but it went on around them.

Once the meeting got started, two items were added to the agenda. One concerned the bridge as mentioned above and the other concerned the new AT&T towers being built around the county. The agenda was done and posted at such a late hour Friday, these items must have been left off.

At the end of the meeting, Comm. Trammell said they needed to go into Executive Session. Watch the video as to what happened.

Comm. Henry asked what for? Comm. Trammell just looked at him and said, “We don’t have to say.” Mary Patrick from the audience asked what is the reason? Comm. Trammell again said the law said they didn’t have to say. Charles Forsythe commented, and then Kathy Mudd, editor of the Monticello News, asked Comm. Trammell, “Which code section says you don’t have to tell” the public why you are going into Executive Session? Comm. Salmon read reasons why they could go in executive session, but he along with Comm. Trammell said the law said they didn’t have to say exactly why. The county attorney of course sat by, but he did say they had to sign an affidavit stating why at the end of the meeting.

All four commissioners voted to go into Executive Session even though it appeared only Comm. Trammell and Comm. Salmon knew the reason why.

Here is a copy of the affidavit—and they swear this is all they talked about in Executive Session. This was obtained through open records this morning.

12/15/14 Executive Session Signed Affidavit

Why do the citizens not trust these guys? Maybe it’s because of the arrogance that they can do anything they please and think they can get away with it (late posting of the agenda, adding items to the agenda so citizens are unaware of issues, discussing issues before and after meetings, and who really knows what goes on in all those executive sessions). Maybe it’s because they’ve become so important in their own minds, they’ve lost all sense of service to the people of this county.

Comm. Trammell was rude, arrogant, and defiant at the BOC meeting. Trust begins and ends with open communication and a high standard of integrity. Some on this BOC reflect neither. There is no open communication; there are only hidden agendas, quickly called meetings, behind the door back room discussions and deals.

If this BOC wants respect from the citizens, they need to start with some honest, straight talk and a willingness to let people know what is being done and why.

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” —Edmund Burke

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  1. Scrap Recovery says:

    as long as you have the good ol boys in the boc, Nothing will ever change!, they all need to be kicked to the curb! why do we need a BOC and a county manger? Thought that was what the BOc was!

    • LR Short says:

      I have to disagree with your statement SR. There are no good ole’ boys on the BOC, only political tools to be used by the good ole’ boys to push their opportunistic debt agenda.

      Powerbrokers aka good ole’ boys never sully their social linen by personally serving up the dirty backroom deals. Instead they tap a glory seeking sycophant to advance their avarice-driven agenda for them and then, leisurely sit back to watch the obsequious boob take the heat for forcing reckless spending initiatives that only serve to benefit the financial situation of their puppet masters.

      So, when the time inevitably arrives that the elected dupe has burned though the allocated political capital and becomes no longer of any use to the public debt pimps, the hapless sap will be cast aside like last weeks fishy salmon for a fresh untarnished fledgling eager to be bent to the will of the shadow-lurking debt dealers who will line up to court the latest rube with high flown talk of civic duty double dipped in patronizing smooze – and thus the cycle of good ole’ boys fleecing the taxpayer begins anew.

      And, that about sums up the difference betwixt those who are merely wannabe good ole’ and those who actually formulate the “strategic plan”

      But, every once in a extremely rare fit of electoral, there is a Commissioner elected who truly has the best interests of all the people at heart and sets about to reform the local debt pimp-controlled political system , but make no mistake there are none like that on this current feeble board of feckless pinkshirts.

      Bet on it.

  2. Disrespected Citizen says:

    It seems the commissioners are going into executive session almost every time they meet. The reason is often cited as pending litigation. Why is the county being sued so often? This last meeting they also used land acquisition as a reason. The citizen have a right to know if the county is thinking of buying land. What is the reason for buying property? Is it for road easement? It is for building a park, or construction of a government building? Or is to to take a piece of property off a developer’s hand? When there is a void of information, that void is being filled with all kinds of speculation. By being so defensive about the reason for executive session, one gets the impression that something nefarious is happening.

  3. TotallyDisgusted says:

    Salmon and Trammell are perfect examples of the disdain and arrogance the majority of politicians have for the citizens they are elected to serve. Their prime objective for being placed in office was to be the representatives of JCWSA and to subsidize the failing authority with every dime they can squeeze out of the taxpayers. But their pompous, self serving, attitude goes far beyond their decision making which involves JCWSA. They have the view that their concept of what the citizens of Jasper county need is far superior to the simple minded residents of the county. Our county manager has the same attitude, as well as many others on and off the BOC. It is disgraceful that the county attorney allows this circus to continue to perform. It is indeed the citizens right to know what is going on in public and private meetings of the BOC. We are tired of all these behind the scenes deals which go on that leave the taxpayers holding the bag for the goode ole boys schemes. Commissioners Luke and Henry and Pennamon–please get a set of gonads and stop this circus act. Stand up for the citizens of Jasper county who will have write the checks to fund the schemes.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Based on what I saw they are not interested in doing what is right for the community only what is right for their agenda, when they only have a few people and only the same people showing up to the meetings they think they can get away with what they are doing because people are not interested, I encourage people to wake up and take an interest in what is going on because it is gonna affect them for years to come as long as they live in this county, don’t just sit back and think they will do the right thing because most wrong doing is done when they think noone is paying attention, then they have the nerve to pray before hand, but let me tell them God is not present when dishonesty and deceit is involved and God can not be fooled.

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