January 7, 2015

Remember back in November when the building inspector (Brad Cherry) was acting as the code enforcement officer and wrote a citation to a citizen because the house numbers were not on the side of the mailbox? This issue was of utmost importance! More important than other unsightly areas and problems in the county.

Here’s a copy of the citation.

The citizen cited lives in District 4, Comm. Craig Salmon’s district. He had 10 days to meet the criteria requirement, according to the citation. He already had numbers at the top of his mailbox, but that wasn’t good enough; they had to be on the side of the mailbox.

Comm. Salmon doesn’t have numbers anywhere on his mailbox, but he hasn’t been cited nor has he taken action to make sure he is in compliance with Jasper County’s “laws”.

Here is Comm. Salmon’s mailbox from the left  and from the right:

Salmon mailbox left 12.19.14Salmon mailbox right 12.19.14








There are no numbers anywhere on his mailbox. “Site addresses are required by the Jasper County Ordinances as well as the residential building codes.”

Comm. Salmon, how about following the rules that your own constituents are being cited for? We will check again in 10 days!



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  1. LR Short says:

    Something is really chronically wrong with health of individual liberty in a county when not putting numbers on your mailbox becomes a criminal offense.
    What sort of cancer upon the sanctity of property rights have we the people of this county allowed to fester in the loathsome office of so called Planning and Zoning?
    As far as governed by consent goes, I for one do not consent to having my tax dollar used to pay anyone to patrol my county in a taxpayer owned truck just for the sole purpose of harassing my neighbors with fines and threats of arrest for simply acts of exercising their God-given right to property.
    And furthermore, I believe that if the continued existence of P&Z were put to put to popular vote, very few others would grant their consent to be incessantly harassed by a small clique of bed-wetting control freaks either.

    Admin, how about a TWG poll to test this case of consent?

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