January 9, 2015


There are several items of interest on the agenda for the BOC meeting Monday night, 1/12/15 at 6:00PM, including keeping the public silenced, making electric from our landfill fiber waste, and hiring both a county attorney and an assistant!!

Please read our comments in red with each agenda item.


Cora’s Bar and Grill – Beer & Wine application (Wanda Barron)—53 Pennington Rd., Newborn at old Hwy 142 Bar & Grill

TLC Restaurant & Lounge – Beer & Wine application (Tommy Clemons)—6373 Hwy 11 S, Hillsboro

These two hearings were not advertised in the paper correctly; and therefore the hearings are not legal. These hearings were advertised for 1/5/15, not 1/12/15. 



  1. Appointment of Chairman
    2.      Appointment of Vice-Chairman
    3.      Appointment of County Attorney—Staff recommends hiring BOTH a county attorney (Jim Alexander) and an assistant county attorney (David Ozburn). This county must really be growing!!    


  1. DCA – CIE Resolution –This concerns the public hearing on 12/29/14 and the 5 year plan for the county. Let’s hope it was corrected and actually updated. We have not been able to obtain an updated copy, if there is one.
  2. Pitts Chapel Bridge Update


  1. 2015 Holidays
    2.      2015 Meeting Dates
    3.      2016 Fiscal Agent Agreement – Jasper County Family Connection
    4.      Open Meeting Conduct Policy – Draft—
    per the meeting topic posted online—

Commissioners and the County Manager have received complaints from visitors, citizens and staff regarding the frequency and volume of audience “participation” during public meetings.  Some of this participation has clearly been designed to disrupt information being presented to the Board, has been demeaning in nature, and some visitors have complained that comments made by some audience members either caused them to lose their train of thought during their presentation, left them feeling personally hurt, and/or would discourage them from coming back to future meetings.

 The only “folks” that might lose their train of thought is our County Manager who is so busy making excuses at every meeting; she must forget what she said last if someone even clears their throat. Comm. Trammell bangs his gavel if someone moves wrong and makes a noise. This is called paranoia. Anyone that attends the meetings know they are not loud nor are any comments made “frequently”, but Ms. Degges will do anything to silence those that catch her in comments that are less than truthful.

  1. Inert Landfill – Operational Change—do away with license for inert landfill
  2. C&D Landfill – Consent Order ModificationThis is what the BOC is being asked—since the County Manager hasn’t gotten all the fiber removed yet, after $350,000 of costs—
    “Additional time is needed to fully explore an opportunity to convert the fiber material (and all other landfill material) to electricity, which would be used to power nearby county facilities (with excess sold back to the grid).”
  1. Pintail Road RFP—no information as to where the money comes from—increased property taxes most likely.


  1. JCWSA Draft IGA Agreement – Update (if needed)NOT IN PACKET ONLINE—An open records request has been sent for any draft—which according to Comm. Pennamon would be made public before any consideration by the BOC. We will post the draft when we obtain it.

  This ought to be an interesting meeting, and it will be most exciting to see how much it will cost the county to “make electric” at the landfill and what the cost will be. Also, we would love to hear the excuses as to why the all the fiber hasn’t been moved yet—over 18 months has passed—with many glowing promises to the BOC by the County Manager. It will certainly be someone else’s fault—from the past.

Plan to attend this meeting! Our County Manager does not like any public participation, including attending meetings and recording them for future reference. We all need to attend to help her get over her fear of the public—the public who pays her salary and who she was hired to serve!



Mission Statement:

** To keep the taxpayers of Jasper County, Georgia informed as to where and how their tax dollars are being spent.
** To keep the taxpayers abreast of local policies and laws being discussed and enacted.
** We advocate more open government, less government spending, and lower property taxes.




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  1. suzieqs42 says:

    Why dont the police get to nvolved with the slaughtering and sacrifices? Or even the Health Dept., surely its breaking some county codes to just let that many animals just bleed out like that. Not to mention the smell

  2. LR Short says:

    Oh joy!
    And since , David Ozburn is already employed with James Alexander’s firm ALEXANDER ROYSTON, LLP, which I would assume means that indirectly Ozburn is already working for the taxpayers of Jasper County, we the taxpayers now get the opportunity to pay double for the great privilege of being served once.
    What a brilliant idea it is to hire another county attorney. I wonder who could have thunk it? Could it have been Sir Alexander’s noble self?
    Certainly if the influence of one of Newton County’s finest bankers’ counsel isn’t enough to direct the groupthink of our most duly elected board of Forward planners, then pray tell why not hire another? After all, we the tax revenue generators want to live in a rich, forward planned ,tax free, big boxed and economically planned county like Newton dasn’t we?
    So it makes perfect sense. We need as many legal advisers as it takes to assure Forward Jasper continues to be allowed to redistribute .. er..I mean INVEST public money in private enterprise. If we want the county to grow we have to first grow the county government, right?
    I mean how can we expect to have a prosperous big box county of property tax abating commerce, without first having a big honking county government of philosopher kings to a makes sure no tax dollar goes unspent…er…I mean un-invested?
    And fer’ shure, Dweeb Jerkins, Dipsy Diver, Butterbean Tramples, Fishy Tuna and the entire Team Forward gang ,all know what’s best for Jasper County, and if they say we need more lawyers guarding the Jasper County’s fervent commitment to more public debt, then who are we the merely ruled to disagree?

  3. Kimball says:

    The reason we need an assistant county attorney is to have someone there to nudge the county attorney everytime he falls asleep in the meeting.

  4. Dr. Said says:

    People are going to disagree on issues. Just because someone does not agree with your ways does not mean they are your enemy. However, when an evil doer deep down in their heart knows they are doing wrong, they will attempt to silence that nagging heart felt guilt anyway they can.
    Creating a policy which will discourage and silence disagreeing citizens from attending and speaking out is not the cure for the convicting heart.
    Long time citizens of Jasper County know the proper way to quench that feeling of conviction from within the heart is not to continue lying and deceiving.

  5. KMA says:

    We need an asst county attorney because more CYA is necessary.

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