February 4, 2015

Smiley FaceAfter a 30 minute presentation at the BOC meeting 2/2/15, prepared by Karen Degges, we have found out just how lucky Jasper County is to have her.

In addition to being a forensic accountant and the County Manager, Ms. Degges has informed the BOC she is an engineer and has to help the public works director with the roads and is director now of both Animal Control and Planning & Zoning. (She told them somebody had to do it!)

This is why our roads are in such great shape in Jasper County; Ms. Degges is supervising the engineering on them.

As for Animal Control, we just can’t understand why Sherry Braley has told people she was now over Animal Control and got a $2.83 hour raise over the past few months. When people look for Ms. Braley over in Planning & Zoning, many times they have been told by Brad Cherry (Building Inspector), that she is at Animal Control. But we are glad to know that everything is being taken care of because if Ms. Degges is in charge, what could go wrong?

Best of all, with her impressive financial skills, Ms. Degges told the BOC that Jasper County is in great shape and will have a $630,000 surplus at the 6/30/14 year end. Watch the video here:

She says this BOC is conservative in spending and is pinching pennies, and $630,000 will go into savings for the county. This means there will be no tax increase coming up! It also means that you were taxed that additional 2 mils (2 mils= $630,000) so Karen Degges could make herself look good.

When we get our open records requests for the information she presented, we will give you more details on just how wonderful things are going in Jasper County.


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  1. Gay Morrison says:

    If she is now the Director of Animal Control, I expect to see major changes at our Animal Control Facility. For years Animal Control has needed help. As a National Certified Animal Control Officer, I can tell you there isn’t much of anything right about our Animal Control and Shelter. We need someone who knows the ins and outs of animal control. Someone who can make this a win not only for the animals but for the citizens of Jasper County. Right now any animal that has the misfortune of ending up in our facility has little chance of getting out. We do have some help but it is not nearly enough as far as rescue goes. They can only do so much, thank God for what they are able to do! As for citizen adoptions…that is a slim to none situation. So Karen get to work or admit there is more to it than ever imagined and hire someone trained and capable of actually getting the job done or close the doors and quit pretending everything is just fine.

  2. Just Askin' says:

    If Karen Degges is an engineer why doesn’t the BOC add that to her job title? Since she didn’t want to be the finance director she could be the county engineer for all the pay she is getting. If she is all about pinching pennies she needs to start with her own salary and give us more work for all the money we pay her.

  3. Confused says:

    Something does not add up.

    The budget for fiscal year 2014 was $8.2 million. Now we are told that there is a surplus of $630,000 which means that only $7.57 million was spent and the $630,000 surplus went into savings. BRAVO!!! Great Job!!

    Ms. Degges, please tell the taxpayers why you could not have kept the budget at $8.2 million for fiscal year 2015. If you kept the same fiscal conservative spending as last year, you would have had another $600,000 surplus which could have been used for the additional expense of policing the city and at the landfill, without touching the $630,000 you put in savings from 2014.

    Why did you increase the budget to $8.8 million and increase our taxes in 2015? Why did you rob the curbside fund of $450,000 and move it to general fund, which gave you $9.25 million to spend in fiscal year 2015?

    If the county could operate on $7.57 million last year and allowing $500,000 in additional funds to cover policing the city and fiber project, there would still have been enough money left without raising taxes.

    Why did you add $650,000 in capital lease debt to the SPLOST account?

  4. gayle gray says:

    please keep us posted and let us know how the audit looks when it is complete. One person at TC kept telling the board we were good and they spent money they did not have or was even going to get ever. TC was at the end of Nov. with only about $37,000 in cash not counting water capital money. Someone better double check her. If we are over that much then why did we need a tax increase? Thanks

    • LRS says:

      “Someone better double check her.”

      I agree. Jasper County has five duly elected commissioners tasked with that job. Now, whether they possess the financial savvy to comprehend whether Ms. Degges is indeed mismanaging or misrepresenting the true state of Jasper County fiscal affairs is of great import to the taxpayers of Jasper County, because the citizens of Jasper County elected those five members of the BOC to manage the business of the people of Jasper County and the buck should stop with them.
      The County Manager is a county employee under the BOC’s supervision. If it were that the County Manager’s office is indeed engaging in shuffling revenue from account to account in order to create a smokescreen of increasing county liquidity, for whatever reason , then those that should be held responsible are the supervisors that allowed the business to proceed unchecked (i.e. the BOC).
      It is the business of the BOC to have a complete understanding of any and all action undertaken by the County Manager and the oft used lame excuse of “nobody could’ve known” used by so many politicians when their policies go awry should never be tolerated by those that elect them. It is the sworn duty of the BOC to manage county business, and it is the duty of the citizen to remove any public official proven incompetent when they fail.
      We get what we allow.

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