February 18, 2015

Out of Control

Karen Degges, County Manager, has hired another new employee–this time to add to the Planning & Zoning office. Virginia Williams was hired on 2/17/15 (Monday) as a Code Enforcement officer at a rate of $15.00 per hour.

Even though we requested Ms. Williams resume’ under open records, we have not received that information, so we do not have any way of knowing if she met the job requirements as advertised on the website. Those requirements would include, “Sufficient experience to understand the basic principles relevant to the major duties of the position, usually associated with the completion of an apprenticeship/internship or has had a similar position for one to two years.” Sherry Braley will be Ms. Williams’ supervisor.

Even though Karen Degges has told the BOC that she was going to add a part time code enforcement officer (you know, because Ms. Braley is so busy), and supposedly a part time position was included in the budget, but nothing on the personnel status sheets we obtained says anything about part time.

What makes the hiring of Ms. Williams a bit more interesting is it appears she is from North Carolina (based on her car tag). Now who would come to Jasper County to work part time for $15 per hour all the way from North Carolina? Maybe a friend of the County Manager?

Ms. Williams appears to be staying with Ms. Degges. This brings a whole new meaning to “hiring in-house” and it reeks of cronyism.  

The Administrative Specialist recently hired (also to help Ms. Braley get her job done while she is not checking emails, answering the phone, and writing memos for the County Manager) also seems to be from out of town as she has a Monroe County tag.

This BOC promised to hire people from Jasper County if at all possible. We can’t believe that no one from Jasper County applied for this job that wasn’t just as qualified as the person hired. However, the BOC is no longer in control of what goes on in Jasper County. The BOC has one job, and that is to control and oversee the County Manager. Jasper County’s hiring and spending is out of control, and the BOC is either too weak, too ignorant, or too scared to do anything about it.



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  1. HadEnough says:

    RS’s comments on the tax increase mirror my thoughts exactly. What galls me is that the BOC rubber stamps every increase in taxes and personnel that Ms. Degges requests.

    They also just go along most of her scatter brained ideas which simply do not work. The plate dirt project is just one example of her brainstorming fiascoes. According to her this was a cheap alternative to solve the problem of slick dirt roads. Commissioners approved of this and had no idea of the real cost of the “cheap” plate dirt she promised.

    All that is needed is for the dirt roads to be graded properly and crusher run gravel be properly placed without a grader operator, who is not properly trained, scraping the gravel in the ditches the next time the road is scraped.

    Commissioners–how about using your common sense and do your own research in evaluating solutions to problems. That is what we elected your for.

    Stop throwing our hard earned tax dollars in a black hole. Whenever a decision to hire personnel, improve our roads, or fund any endeavor is made, you should NEVER just take someone’s fancy presentation on face value without doing your due diligence to determine if the taxpayers are getting value for that endeavor.

    I have attended many BOC meetings over the years and dealt with county managers. I can say with certainty that Lori Smith is the only CM I have seen in the last 10 years who was competent enough and cared enough to do an excellent job for her employees–the taxpayers. For the others it was and is all about maintaining their narcissistic position of power. They are what I call classic BSers who will do almost anything to make themselves look highly competent while their actual performance is exactly the opposite.

    Ms. Degges demonstrates such incompetence, and the BOC is letting her get away with it. If the BOC allows this to continue they are either enablers, or are too incompetent or too lazy to correct the problem. We deserve much better from our commissioners.

  2. Missy says:

    Why do we need commissioners at all? They let the county manager make all the decisions and run the county.

    Commissioners approve checks, but that appears to be purely for optics. I never once heard them ask a question about an invoice. I question if they even ever see an invoice at all.

    Checks are written 3-4 times a month. Check approvals are done only once a month at their first commission meeting. If there was any legitimacy to approving checks, checks could all be written at the end of the month for approval early the next month.

    Have the commissioners approved hiring a new code enforcement officer? If so, it certainly was not done in public.

  3. Drsaid says:

    So Sad to say the men we elected must support all this.

  4. John Boy says:

    You say the new woman Appears to be staying with the County manager? Her car is there every day and every night.

  5. Jerry says:

    The taxpayers are screwed because with all the spending taxes will have to go up and we don’t have anything to show for it but a bunch of pencil pushers. We’re stupid to expect decent roads or more services.

    • gary says:

      There is power in protest. The boc are elected officals the ballot can change there status.
      We the taxpayers need to demand our rights.
      It is our tax money that is paying all these wages.
      I have a general question.
      Does karen degges own property in jasper county.?

      • taxdogs says:

        Karen Degges paid approx $39,000 for the little purple house 3 doors down behind the Courthouse. She still has homestead exemption in Hall County and her tag is still Hall County.

  6. Scrap Recovery says:

    As long as the Good Ol boys in office it will never change, the GOP has ruined the county an most the country, we need them out with New peole not kin to the GOP!

  7. RS says:

    Perhaps the County manager needed another employee to sop up the excess 2 mils ($630,000) she, with the blessing of the fickle five, overcharged the taxpayers of this county
    If this poor excuse for fiscal responsible County government has indeed, as Degges claims, taken $630,00.00 over budget to be placed in contingency, then that money which by de facto ( not included in the budget ) should be rightfully returned to those from which it was stolen (.i.e. the taxpayers).
    If Ms. Degges wants to grow her own private government, then she should either use her own money or seek investment form the lackadaisical dullards that hired her.

  8. cheryl nowetner says:

    If the BOC doesn’t get a handle on Karen and all her wild spending this county will be a bankrupt empty town because no one will be able to afford to live here. We need a way to wake up those commissioners instead of some of them being Karen’s best buddy. Someone needs to get a grip on things and soon.

    • gary says:

      A professional un biased audit by an auditing firm would be a great start. The boc needs to know exactly where the county stands financially. The two mill tax increase which the manager said had to be to stay solvent then all of a sudden there is a budget surplus equal to the tax increase. Supposedly this surplus is in the bank. But if they manager is going on a spending spree is it still there?
      Our boc needs to demand this independent audit. The tax payers need to know exactly where we stand not some derived calculations.

      • taxdogs says:

        The independent audit was supposed to be finished by 12/31/14, but our county manager got a 6 month extension. This was not discussed or approved by the BOC and just gives her an extra 6 months to continue spending. The BOC never asks for any backup about anything. They just take her word that everything is going great.

      • gary says:

        How do we get something done?
        Do we have to protest a meeting?
        How many would do that?
        But if we had 50 taxpayers go to a meeting and protest the deputy could only arrest one.
        Calm protest not some shooting match.

  9. Brad says:

    Wonder how Brad Cherry feels about all this? He has to lie and make excuses for Sherry all the time now, and did he get a raise? Maybe Karen’s new friend will take his job. He better be careful.

  10. gary says:

    The permits need to be online. One click and your good to go.
    If no one is in the office or wont return calls then the person thinks they dont need a permit.


    It’s pretty obvious who’s in control-and it’s definitely not the BOC. The County Manager is once again adding to her kingdom.

  12. gary feif says:

    To bad this could be a prosperous county if managed correctly.
    So now we know why the 2 mill tax increase was needed.

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