Next BOC meeting Monday, March 2 at 6:00PM

February 27, 2015

gavel   The next BOC meeting will be March 2, 2015 at 6:00PM. The following will be on the agenda.   Blue items are TWG comments.

 V.      Consent AgendaThe consent agenda has items that are not discussed by the BOC. We find it strange that budget amendments will not be presented so the citizens know what items on the budget are being amended.1.   Approval of Minutes:

· 2/2/2015 Regular Minutes

· 2/19/ 2015 Called Meeting Minutes

 2.   Check Register – Check #’s

3.   Budget Amendments – Finance

VIII. County Commissioner ItemsVarious items are discussed by the BOC members.       These items don’t have to be on the agenda.

IX. Presentations/Delegations      —Website Redesign Presentation – Ken Holmes, Selective Solutions and Allie Young, Alcovy EnterprisesSelective Solutions hosts the current website and always wants to bring Comcast to the county courthouse offices.  

X.   Regular Agenda

       Old Business:

1.      Alcohol License Application – Cora’s Bar & Grill – Wanda Barron

2.      Road Patching List

3.      AT&T Cell Tower –just wondering if AT&T will pay a fine for not following the rules like the BOC made Thomas Person’s Hall pay—double.

New Business:

1.      Region 2 Planning Board Appointment – Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD

2.      Surplus Sale Items

3.      Sheriff Vehicle Replacement

4.      Personnel Policy Update

5.      Financial Report

 XI. County Attorney Items                         

 XII.   County Manager Items

1.      Landfill Update–Hoping to hear all about how our County Manager is coming with converting fiber into electricity.

  XIII. Executive Session


Please take time to attend every BOC meeting.  Your participation is vital to the direction of Jasper County.

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